Riding with Disability and Magnetic Stirrups

How magnetic stirrups can benefit disabled riders

Magnetic stirrups have proven to be a real game changer for para equestrians and riders with all kinds of disabilities. For one thing, they keep the rider's feet safely in the stirrups, which is sometimes attempted through other (dangerous) means of fixation that do not release in case of a fall.

But beyond just safety, magnetic stirrups can also help improve the rider's balance and improve the seat. They can help with a lack of sensibility, nerve damage, hyper-mobility, joint pain and much more. In fact, many riders with disabilities have seen a significant improvement in their riding thanks to magnetic stirrups.

If you are considering using magnetic stirrups for yourself or someone you know who has a disability, we encourage you to read through some of the reviews below and give them a try with our 60-day money-back guarantee. 


How Ophena stirrups have helped other riders with various types of disabilities


Following an accident, I ride in cso with an ankle disability; bending is impossible for me. Since I have been using these stirrups, I no longer perceive myhandicap I never lose my stirrup or push it in too hard; I feel safe and confident to jump and work young horses again. It is surely the best investment I have made in horse riding; most of the riders I meet are convinced of their benefits and I can only recommend them, even if I had never had ahandicap

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Daniel D. (translated from French)

Super thrilled with Ophena

A couple years ago, I sustained a braininjurywhen my horse took a fall. As a result, I don't have great balance and I lost some of the sensation in my right foot and leg. This makes riding a little challenging. I took me some time to purchase these stirrups and when I did, I had some pretty high expectations or shall we say hopes, thinking they would not be fulfilled. Well these stirrups exceeded my expectations and have given me back theconfidenceI needed. I can now spend the ride thinking about riding my wonderful mare and not about where my foot might be in the stirrup. The stirrups are beautiful and the customer service is amazing. Thank you Ophena!

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Terri L.

Ophena S Safety Stirrups

Absolutely blown away at how safe I now feel in the saddle due to these great stirrups . With partial paralysis in my right leg and foot I could never keep my foot in the stirrup ..... until now . Thank you 🙏

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Suzanne G.

Did you know? You can try our stirrups risk-free with our 60-day money-back guarantee.

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The best

These are the best I broke my hip which tilted my pelvis I’ve worked really hard to get straight but the opposite side I always loose my stirrup to balance myself with these not loosing anything so I can balance my self a lot easier so not loosing my stirrups at all best thing I’ve every brought so thank you 😊

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Ruth H.

Game changer

I have needed ankle braces since the 1990's due tohypermobilityin myjoints The Ophena stirrups have allowed me to ride brace-free and pain-free for the first time in 30 years. It's agame changerfor me! I still am not so fast at getting my feet out of them (no emergency dismounting or no-stirrup work with these for me yet), but that will come with practice.

Product: Ophena S Pro

Verified Review by Stacey G.

Best buy ever!

As someone who haschronicpain, these have been the best buy ever! Using these helped me relax my lower back and legs which made my seat amazing! I really recommend getting them!

Product: Ophena S Pro

Verified Review by Emma Jälmefors

Game changer!

Since having backsurgery I have struggled with the strength of my left leg. Having these stirrups has completely changed my riding for the better! I no longer worry about losing my left stirrup, or having my foot fall through my left stirrup. I just focus on riding. My seat has greatly improved, and I think my horse is happier, too. Highly recommend.

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by maria m.

Mega excited

Due to myhandicap I unfortunately do not have stirrups that hold so well, but with the magnetic stirrups it works very well because the hold is definitely given ☺️

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Anna-Maria E. (translated from German)

Magnetic Stirrups

I bought these for my sister she is apara riderand she absolutely loves them and they help her ride more confidently ! Thanks

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Robert P.

Best thing ever

I brought theses for my son who hascerebral palseythat effects his legs.He had two serious accidents during 2021 which ment he was on the verge of giving up ridding. Using these stirrups has ment that he is ridding again and starting to compete again. Which wouldn't have been possible without these amazing stirrups

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Dawn H.

I love these stirrups!

These stirrups are amazing. I am aparadressage rider. Before getting my Ophena stirrups, if my prosthetic foot came out of the stirrup, I could not feel it, but only knew I was suddenly off balance. I even fell off one time. I am 75 and have a kidney transplant, so falling is a really bad thing to happen. My new stirrups have eliminated that risk. In addition, the design is beautiful. They are works of art. I love them!

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Mary A.

The best thing Iv ever bought

I bought these after losing my feeling in my right leg, now thanks to these it gives meconfidenceto jump again. I highly recommend !

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Jessica H.


The stirrups ar GREAT. I have ms and a bad leg, they have done my riding life soo much easy now i can do it all by my self and they are really good to ride with, comfy and Nice. 10 stars from me in Denmark 😊👍

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Kristina O.


I absolutely love them. A little over a year ago now I had a riding accident that caused a traumatic braininjury When I was first trying to re-learn to ride my foot would often threaten to go through the stirrup because part of myinjurycaused one of my calves to contract which makes it difficult to put your heel down. These stirrups allow me to focus on my riding and allows my brain to have one less thing to think about. I also adore how much safer they are. Thank you team Ophena you’ve helped me more than you know.

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Tallon V.


So happy with the stirrup. I only use one because I only gave one leg. However it gives me perfect balance. It gas truly improved my riding scales

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Margot g.

Game changer

My daughter is now aparaequestrian, she loves the Ophena S stirrups. As she has no feeling in her left leg she was using rubber bands to keep her foot in the stirrup, now with the Ophena S stirrups she has security and safety. A wonderful product!

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Janice G.

Love these

They are strange at first to get used to, especially if you're like me and your feet move around a lot. I have nerve damage in my left foot so these have been amazing at keeping my foot where I need it to be (in the stirrup). They do come off with a shake of your foot which is the correct way to take the magnets apart. I do struggle with this with my left foot as it is still weak, but every time I ride my foot gets stronger and I'm nearly there being able to shake the magnets apart. I feel very safe using them.

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Vikki K.

Game changer

After chemo and radiation I have lost most of the feeling in my feet making itpainfuland difficult to ride. These have given me back the ability to ride again without worrying where or if my feet are in the stirrups.game changerfor me!!!!

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Gina L.


I love them and should have brought them a long time ago. I always had problems with my balance due to no feeling in one leg. With the ophena stirrups everything is possible and my balance has improved!

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Romy K.


These stirrups are exceptional and in my handisport practice, they allow me not to lose my stirrups at all because of my unstable prosthetic leg. Thank you! A great discovery with a unique design! I love the customization that goes everywhere with me!

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by aurelie B. (translated from French)

Life changer!

I’ve had my Ophena for a few months now and I’m never going back to other stirrups. They’ve changed my riding and I’ve never felt safer. With my issues with hyper mobility they’ve made riding so much better and more comfortable for myjointsand muscles

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Sandra P.

GFS Hocus Pocus

Wow, I just love your safety stirrups from the moment I received them. Your customer service is amazing, your product is so stylish and smart. This has transformed my ability to feel secure in the saddle again having gone through 2 hip surgeries which have now left medisabled I did order them without checking about import tax. I panicked, sent an email. Before I could blink your response was in my inbox saving me from having a melt down. Thank you Sorry, just my boy relaxing this summer before we found your stirrups. No stopping us now!

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Julie B.

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