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How Ophena stirrups helped Tiphaine in her physiotherapy following her loss of sensitivity after cancer

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Ophena S

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Mounted Gendarme

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provided by Tiphaine Escaich

Tiphaine Escaich started riding at the age of 11. Today she is 21 years old and has recently become the owner of a young pony with excellent abilities, currently in breaking-in. At the same time, she learned a few weeks ago that she would be joining the French Republican Guard as a mounted gendarme. However, not everything has been always been rosy for Tiphaine. Just over a year ago, a huge challenge came in her path: cancer. She had to undergo heavy operations, which had consequences on her riding: “They had to remove a bone in my right leg and cut some nerves. I had no feeling in my feet anymore, so when I started riding again after all my surgeries, I was quickly confronted with the problem of permanently losing my stirrups, because I couldn't feel anything.”

A horse rider's feet are one of the foundations of his riding: being able to balance his body weight and maintain contact with the stirrup floor is essential. Losing this feeling was therefore a real handicap for Tiphaine. “I started thinking about solutions, because it was becoming impossible to lose my stirrups every time I rode. That's when I discovered the Ophena stirrups, which were magnetized and therefore could be ideal. I figured that once the stirrup was attached to my foot, I wouldn't have to think about it anymore, and I could focus on other things.”

“I remember making videos of the packaging because it was so beautiful.”

One month after she resumed riding, following her treatments, Tiphaine became the owner of a pair of Ophena S magnetic safety stirrups. As soon as she received them in their box, they made their effect: “I remember making videos of the packaging because it was so beautiful. I was very happy because everything was very well packaged, you could see that it was made with care and that everything was done to ensure that the package arrived in excellent condition. The little note with my name on it from the team is also a small detail that I find so important! To be able to say that you are not just another order, and that they took the time to write a note, it really makes a difference.”

Then came the time to try the Ophena magnetic stirrups for the first time. And that's when Tiphaine was won over by the fact that she could lift her feet and her stirrups would still follow: “I was so happy to be able to do a session without being stupid because I had no stirrups.”

At the beginning, Tiphaine thought that she would only use her safety stirrups for a few months, just enough time to help her make the transition and find her sensitivity before switching back to standard stirrups. But after testing them, she was so won over by the new sensations provided by her Ophena S, that she didn't want to part with them: “I liked the concept so much and the fact that I wasn't worried about anything in terms of safety, that I decided to keep them as long as possible.”

What did Tiphaine like best about her Ophena S magnetic stirrups?

  • Their safety
  • The help they gave her during her physiotherapy
  • Their easy maintenance

Tiphaine mainly used her Ophena stirrups with young horses belonging to her coach (5 and 3 years old), especially for breaking in. The security they provided was their main asset. “It was particularly interesting to have the feet in security, since the youngsters have the particularity of being quite unpredictable. Knowing that no matter what happened, I wouldn't get stuck in the stirrup was a big plus. I felt very secure knowing that I wouldn't be dragged down if I fell.”
The Ophena stirrups were designed with an open side to minimize the risk of getting stuck in a fall. Tiphaine has experienced this: “My coach's 5 year old horse stood up, I fell and the magnetic system worked very well. My feet took off by themselves.”

“When it comes to safety, which is more and more important nowadays, it is 100% reliable.”

During her physiotherapy, the Ophena S stirrups accompanied her and helped her to correct her position, as she was no longer putting enough weight in her legs. To sum up, Tiphaine is convinced:

“You should not hesitate to go for it, and the value for money is excellent.”