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The story between Erwan Prigent and horses, it's long. Erwan started riding early with his father's horse and practiced until he was 20, before stopping following a move to Paris. When he moved back to his native Brittany, the passion did not return. It was only last year that his brother decided to give him a horse for his 50th birthday that he started riding again. Although Erwan was initially not thrilled with the idea, he eventually fell in love with his new life companion.

Atlan is an 11-year-old reformed trotter, who raced until he was 10. Abused for most of his life, he was a shadow of his former self when Erwan picked him up last year. No one believed in their future together, but yet they manage to evolve by getting back to the basics, and Altan is now physically unrecognizable.

They are now taking private lessons so that Erwan gradually regains his level. Wishing to practice recreational riding, his goal is to learn along with his horse while enjoying their rides together.

“My main criteria was safety.”

Atlan, as a trotter, has trouble galloping and only manages to do it in front of obstacles. This is therefore a discipline that Erwan wants to work on with him, to facilitate transitions. This is why he got himself a jumping saddle, and started looking for stirrups to match with it. Having safety as his main criterion, it was unthinkable for him to buy anything other than safety stirrups.

“I wanted change.”

Last year, when he was already looking for stirrups for his first saddle, Erwan had come upon the Ophena magnetic safety stirrups. After looking at another brand, he wanted to change when it came time to equip his new saddle. “I wanted to switch to something different, and I fell back on the Ophena S. The first time around, I don't know why, I didn't dwell on it more than that. But there, I really liked them, so I searched for information and came across a very complete YouTube video that convinced me.”

If, just like Erwan, you are looking for feedback on our products, you can:

“I had a very good experience on the website.”

With just a few clicks, Erwan was able to visit the webshop of Ophena and learn more about the features and patented technologies of the safety stirrups. “I had a very good experience on the website. I like how it's organized, and that everything is clear in terms of insole sizes. It's simple and accessible.”

When he took the plunge and ordered his pair of magnetic stirrups, Erwan received an email asking him about his expectations and asking for his opinion as a customer. Communication is paramount to Ophena, and the team is always on hand to satisfy you to the fullest extent. “I contacted Ophena to share my customer experience after my purchase.”

“I especially expect these stirrups to be as safe as possible in case of a fall.”

The big plus is that Erwan will also be able to take advantage of the Smart Attach™ system. If he ever gets the urge to install his magnetic stirrups on his other saddle, he won't need to completely remove the stirrup leather from it. He will simply slip the buckle of the stirrup leather through the unique double-branch of Ophena S, which will preserve the leather.

Our team is happy that Erwan has chosen to equip himself with Ophena, and wishes him a great evolution with Atlan.