How Ophena helped Juliette, a club rider, to perfect her posture

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Ophena S

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Club rider

Juliette Tricot started horse riding at the age of 11. At the beginning, she just wanted to try, but 7 years later her passion for this sport has not faded. She now rides on Sundays in a Parisian riding school, where she has the opportunity to work with different horses every week.

Previously, Juliette used the club's gear. The idea of acquiring her own pair of stirrups emerged, and she began to look into the models available on the market, especially the safety stirrups. That's when she learned about the Ophena stirrups, on the Instagram account of a rider she follows. “I watched for quite a long time, and then I subscribed to Ophena's own account. Since I really wanted to try them, I ended up requesting them for my 18th birthday.”

Ophena Magnetic Safety Stirrups are the perfect gift for every rider who wants to be dazzled when they open the box. Each package is prepared with care, and the stirrups are packaged like showpieces in their case. You won't feel like you're receiving riding gear. Juliette was able to take advantage of this luxurious appearance.

“It's packaged very elegantly.”

But the Ophena experience doesn't stop with the sleek design of the stainless steel single-branch stirrups. From the very first session, Juliette was won over by the magnetism and low center of gravity of her new safety stirrups. “I could feel the difference right away: I was both more balanced and less stressed because of the stable feeling.”

Indeed, the main reason Juliette was intrigued by the Ophena S calipers was the balance and stability they could provide her. Their open side coupled with the magnetic floor allows you to forget about some of the risks, and focus on your riding. “In jumping, I sometimes have a hard time dealing with all my little flaws at the same time. I thought the stirrups could provide me with the stability I was missing, and allow me to focus more on the rest.”

The sensations of these patented technology stirrups can also affect the posture of your entire body. The location of the magnet on the insole is designed to be optimal for your posture, and Juliette experiences this every time she is jumping: “I never felt unsafe, even on nervous horses. Before, losing stability on big jumps due to poor foot position could have a negative impact on my overall body position, but now that problem is solved.”

“The Ophena stirrups give me good balance which indirectly addresses other shortcomings.”

As a club rider, Juliette is sometimes required to use conventional stirrups. However, she has seen some changes and an improvement in her overall posture with the regular use of her Ophena magnetic stirrups. “I can also see the benefits on my posture when I ride in other stirrups, especially in dressage. Even when I'm not wearing them, I can see their positive effect, as they get me used to keeping a good position.”

Finally, Ophena's magnetic safety stirrups can benefit riders who own their own horse and equipment as well as those who ride in equestrian centers. Juliette continues to progress in the club, and can ride with confidence with Ophena.