Why you should buy Ophena magnetic safety stirrups: "Best. Purchase. EVER."

Ophena has already gotten over 1300 five-star reviews, and for a good reason. When we started developing our magnetic safety stirrups, the goal was to create the safest possible stirrups on the market. But... we over-delivered. Now, both amateurs and professionals use our safety stirrups at home and at shows, and are loving them.

We love reading reviews from our customers. It is amazing to see how our safety stirrups have improved riders' postures, helped with stabilization, and even decreased joint and knee pain while riding.

Today, we will look at why you should buy Ophena magnetic safety stirrups. To quote one of our customers: "Best. Purchase. EVER."

Why should you buy magnetic safety stirrups?

Magnetic safety stirrups: how do they work?

The way magnetic safety stirrups work is actually very simple: there is a magnet in your stirrups and its counterpart is in your magnetic insoles. They pull towards each other and create a strong connection, ensuring that the rider's foot always stays in the correct spot. 

Not to worry, though: the connection will release when tilting the foot in an angle, so your foot will release safely in case of an accident. 

This is how Ophena magnetic safety stirrups work:

So, why should you buy Ophena safety stirrups?

Let's face it: there are multiple different kinds of safety stirrup brands out there. Why should you buy Ophena?

Frankly, our customers love us. Below, you will find one of our stirrup reviews (read more by clicking the link).

"Best. Purchase. EVER.

These stirrups have been a total game-changer for me! Aside from their obvious safety benefits, they position themselves on your feet perfectly every time. I’ve had trouble keeping my stirrups positioned correctly on my feet for the 25 years I’ve been riding, and I’ve never been able to correct this issue until buying these stirrups. Now, I can concentrate having more consistent communication with my horse, instead of fiddling with my stirrups constantly. These are absolutely worth the money - I wish I had purchased them sooner!" - Janine K.

The benefits of Ophena

Ophena magnetic safety stirrups stand out from the rest. Our magnetic safety stirrups feature the following:

  • An open design that provides fool-proof safety
  • Magnetic connection
  • Excellent grip and treading
  • Smart Attach™-system
  • Beautiful design and possibility for custom engraving

Magnetic safety stirrups can be much more than just stirrups that enhance your safety. Because the magnetic connection places the rider's foot in the correct position (and keeps it there), our customers have experienced, for instance, the following:

  • Improved balance and posture
  • Decreased joint and knee pain
  • Better shock-absorption
  • Easier to communicate with the horse when foot is stable

Here's how Ophena works:

Order your safety stirrups at Ophena.com

You can order your own Ophena S or Ophena S Pro magnetic safety stirrups exclusively at Ophena.com. This is how you order your stirrups:

  1. Choose Ophena S or Ophena S Pro
  2. Choose the color (silver or black)
  3. Choose the size of your magnetic insoles
  4. Complete the purchase

Your stirrups will arrive to your mail box in no time. Also, you will have a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.