Why magnetic safety stirrups are the best kind of safety stirrups - read more!

In the past few years, riders have become more and more safety-conscious and they have started to take their safety into account more. For instance, did you know that after Charlotte Dujardin, an Olympic gold medalist in dressage, fell off a horse and suffered a head injury, she has never gotten up on a horse without a helmet? Not even for shows!

Also, safety vests have become more popular and vests including air-bags have received a lot more attention than before. One of the most important safety gear you can have are safety stirrups - specifically, magnetic safety stirrups.

Why should I choose magnetic safety stirrups?

Ophena has created magnetic safety stirrups with an open side and a foot stopper. We have used a lot of time, research and attention to making the best safety stirrups because we care about the safety of riders. We truly believe that our magnetic safety stirrups are some of the best in the market.

Magnetic safety stirrups - FAQ answered

The magnets at the bottom of our safety stirrups and at the bottom of your magnetic insoles pull towards each other, making sure that your foot stays at the correct spot. This is especially good for beginners, who are just learning the correct positioning of the foot. Also, the magnets ensure that you won't be losing your stirrups as easily as before.

The open side ensures that should an accident happen, your foot will release from your safety stirrups fast. This way, your foot will not get stuck in the stirrup, causing even more damage.

The foot stopper, on the other hand, ensures that your foot will not slide out of the stirrup.

See the video below about using our magnetic safety stirrups:

And of course, we have taken into account the fact that equestrians love stylish tack - who doesn't? Our Ophena S and Ophena T safety stirrups are beautifully designed and finished with our logo. These stirrups will catch a ton of attention at shows (and at home!).

Can I use these safety stirrups at shows?

Our magnetic safety stirrups have been approved for FEI Showjumping and some other disciplines. Please check our FAQ-page for the complete list. If you attend smaller shows, such as local or unofficial shows, please check for approval with the judge at your local show.

Magnetic safety stirrups compared to regular safety stirrups

There are many different kinds of safety stirrups on the market. You can read about some of them in our article about the best safety stirrups for adults. The biggest difference between regular safety stirrups and magnetic safety stirrups is clear: magnetic safety stirrups have magnets.

So, why are magnets good? The magnetic connection between your boot and the stirrups ensure that your foot will always stay in the correct spot. This way, you will be more unlikely to lose your stirrup when you're riding. And should such an unfortunate event happen, you will be able to catch your stirrup back quicker since the magnets are pulling towards each other.

You should note, though, that the magnets are never so strong that you wouldn't be able to release your foot in case of a fall or when dismounting. The connection is broken when pressure is applied to the stirrups in an angle. For instance, when dismounting or falling off.


Magnetic safety stirrups are not only a trend, but they are also improving the safety of riders. Check out our Ophena S (most popular!) and Ophena T safety stirrups and get yours already today.