Silicone Grip for Riding Tights: Which One Should You Choose?

When it comes to riding pants and tights, a common question among horse riders is whether or not to choose tights and breeches with grip. While traditional riding breeches do not offer any good anti-slip options, modern riding tights and breeches often offer grip made from a non-slip material, typically silicone, which is added to the pants to prevent slipping and provide support. The grip can be applied two major ways.

Types of grip

There are two major types of grip: Half seat and full seat.

Half seat grip covers the tights around the knee area, covering the inner leg part, which comes in contact with the saddle.

Full seat grip covers the inner legs (like the half seat version), but goes up to cover the inner legs and butt, i.e. the full seat - hence the name.

Both these types of grip are designed to enhance the connection between the rider and horse, making it easier to maintain stability in the saddle. They are also commonly referred to just as Half Grip and Full Grip.

Ophena offers all types of riding tights: Without any silicone grip, with half seat grip and with full seat grip. You can see the three types below:

Types of silicone grip for riding tights

In picture above: Full grip, half grip, and without silicone grip (left to right).

What benefit does silicone grip provide?

One of the biggest benefits of riding breeches with silicone grip is the added support they provide, which is great for both professionals and beginners. The grip helps to keep the knees in place and makes it easier to maintain a proper position in the saddle. This is particularly very useful for show jumping and dressage, where position and stability are critical.

Which grip should I choose?

When choosing riding breeches with grip, it's important to consider the type of riding you'll be doing and the areas you want to ensure better stabilisation. Half seat is ideal for beginners or riders who want to focus on other points of detail, such as posture. Full seat is great for riders who want to maintain great stability in the saddle.

Generally speaking, full seat grip is more often used by dressage riders, whereas half seat grip is more commonly used by showjumpers. But this is just a general guideline and you will, for instance, find many jumpers who prefer full seat; as well as many riders who prefer to ride without any silicone grip at all.

Eventually, the choice of grip type remains an individual one, but above guidelines are a good start. 

What else should I look out for in modern riding tights?

In addition to providing support, modern riding breeches should be designed to be comfortable and breathable. Ophena's tights are made of an advanced 4-way stretch fabric commonly used in high-performance sportswear. This material allows for a high freedom of movement and an excellent fit. Ophena's tights are also very durable without damaging the skin or saddle. 

Phone pockets are another important feature many riders look out for. Ophena's tights got you covered with two nicely integrated phone pockets. 

Lastly, sustainability has become an increasingly significant concern. Conscious consumers are on the lookout for eco-friendly products that minimise their impact on the environment. Ophena is committed to this ethos, with its riding tights being crafted from 82% recycled polyester. This not only reduces waste and conserves resources, but also ensures that the tights retain the strength and durability of virgin polyester. By choosing Ophena's sustainable riding tights, you are making a choice that benefits both your riding experience and the planet.


In conclusion, riding tights with silicone grip are a great choice for horse riders looking for added support and stability in the saddle. Good riding tights are comfortable, breathable, and designed to resist wear and tear. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced rider, silicone grip can be useful. If you're unsure, start with a half grip as a jumper, or a full grip as a dressage rider and go from there.


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