When should I get magnetic safety stirrups?

Every rider should own at least the most basic safety gear that they use when they ride. For instance, you should have a helmet, boots, gloves, and possibly a safety vest. But have you ever thought about getting safety stirrups? Even if you ride at a riding school, you can still take your own safety stirrups with you, if the school allows it. However, horse owners who ride regularly should definitely own a pair.

But the fact is that getting your own magnetic stirrups or any other kinds of safe stirrups can be pricey. So when should you make the investment?

How much do safety stirrups cost?

The more advanced technology your stirrups use, the more pricey they will be. However, you should keep in mind that often times, you get what you pay for. Getting regular stirrups that do not have a safety mechanism can be a more intriguing option because of the price - but can you really put a price tag on safety?

Magnetic safety stirrups at Ophena

There are some inexpensive safety stirrups that are a great way to start. For instance, if you only ride occasionally, or you do not have your own horse, you might want to turn to the more inexpensive options. However, when you know that you will be riding for a long time, making that one-time investment for good safety stirrups is worth it. At the end of the day, they may even save your life one day.

Generally speaking, you can get regular stirrups for less than 100 €/$/£. Some safer options can go for over 100, maybe closer to 200 €/$/£. However, you should keep in mind, that the cheaper the stirrup, the cheaper the material. At the end of the day, something may end up breaking and then you will need to replace them.

Take our Ophena T, for instance. It has been made of titanium, which is what aerospace engineers use. It is extremely hard to break, which means that you will be paying for quality. Also, as our safety stirrups have an open side and it does not feature a separate mechanism, it cannot break. And this means no replacement rubber bands, hinges, or anything else needed.

When should I buy them?

Frankly, everyone should have safety stirrups. No matter if you ride often or not. Because at the end of the day, you never know when an accident may occur. However, getting reliable stirrups, such as magnetic safety stirrups, is important when you ride often. Especially showjumpers and eventers should consider them as part of their regular safety gear.

The very latest, the time to get safety stirrups is when you have your own horse and are shopping for tack. Though leasers and riding school riders should give it some serious thought, too.


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