Unboxing of Ophena magnetic safety stirrups by LanaZavada

Our Ophena S magnetic safety stirrups have received a lot of praise and positive feedback among amateurs and professionals. Though we are a relatively young company, our innovative and super safe magnetic safety stirrups have reached riders worldwide. There is a clear reason (or few!) why riders love our stirrups.

Ophena magnetic safety stirrups

In this article, you will get to read about the benefits of our stirrups and see first hand how you will receive your Ophena safety stirrups, and what they look like straight out of the box.

The unboxing of Ophena magnetic safety stirrups

You may have already taken a peek of our safety stirrups and possibly might be considering getting a pair of your own. If you are still on the fence (no pun intended), this video by LanaZavada will surely help you to make your decision. 

In the video, LanaZavada unboxes her new Ophena magnetic safety stirrups and Evolution saddle pad. She will show you what kind of packages our products arrive, and she will unbox and unwrap everything to show you how it all looks right out of the package. You will even get to see how strong the connection between our magnetic insoles is!

Next, we will get to see how she attaches the safety stirrups using our Smart Attach -system. It only takes her a couple of seconds to attach her stirrups and be ready for her ride. 

As she sits on her horse, she will show you the connection between the magnetic insoles and the stirrups. No wonder that riders, especially showjumpers, love our safety stirrups. Take a look at her video and see for yourself.

Why Ophena?

Our innovative magnetic safety stirrups have some features that you will not find anywhere else. For instance, you will see that our stirrups have an open side, a foot stopper, Smart Attach -system, and (of course) a magnetic connection. And let us not forget the eye-catching design that makes you look as luxurious as you feel.

Ophena safety stirrups are above all safe. Our goal was to create super safe magnetic safety stirrups that ensure the safety of riders in case of a fall.

Order your own magnetic safety stirrups today

If you are now ready to order your own magnetic safety stirrups, you can easily do that in our shop. Here is how you order your own safety stirrups:

1. Choose whether you prefer Ophena S or Ophena T

2. Choose your color

3. Choose the size of your shoe (for magnetic insoles)

4. Finish your purchase

Your magnetic safety stirrups will arrive soon and you will get to see what all the fuss is about. Remember, that we have a 60-day money-back guarantee, which ensures the happiness of our customers. So, you will be able to unbox your own stirrups and make sure you are happy with your purchase.

Also, do not forget to take a look at our beautiful Evolution saddle pads.