The Three Best Safety Stirrups for Beginners

Starting out with our beloved gentle giants can be overwhelming. As a beginner, everything is new, and the learning curve is long - in fact, learning never ends, when it comes to horses and riding. However, especially as a beginner, you want to make sure that you take good care of your safety. The best safety stirrups for beginners are an excellent way to start.

What are safety stirrups?

Nowadays many riders opt-in on using safety stirrups. A normal stirrup doesn't allow the stirrup to break in case of an accident, and in the worst-case scenario, the rider may end up being dragged behind the horse, not being able to get loose from the stirrup. Though accidents as such are fairly rare, they are not impossible. Regular stirrups are little by little fading away from the market and are being pushed aside by safety stirrups and magnetic stirrups.

So it's no wonder that riders rather choose safety stirrups to ensure their safety at all times.

These are not safety stirrups. Regular stirrups don't allow the foot to be released from the stirrup in case of an accident.

Safety stirrups are stirrups that break or bend in case of an accident. This helps the rider's foot to be released from the stirrups. Safety stirrups can:

  • have rubber bands
  • have rubber sides
  • have covered toes
  • be open-sided
  • be magnetic stirrups

#1 Ophena S

Ophena S safety stirrups are excellent for safety reasons. Ophena magnetic safety stirrups have an open side and a magnet in the stirrup that helps to keep your foot in place. In case of an accident, your foot will easily be released from the stirrups.

Though one side is open, your foot will be kept safely in place by the magnet and foot stopper on the side. Ophena S is stylish, modern and safe, and favored especially by jumpers, hunters and cross-country riders.

Ophena S is an excellent choice of stirrup for anyone, regardless of their level. Especially beginners benefit from magnetic safety stirrups because the magnet teaches beginners to place their foot in the correct spot.

Also, the magnet keeps your foot in place, so there is no danger of your foot going too far forward, leaving you in the risk of sliding your foot through the stirrup. In addition, beginners tend to fall off more often than experienced riders, and the open side will ensure that your foot will release quickly and you will not get stuck.

Professionals and more experienced riders appreciate these stirrups because they are safe and stylish. Let's face it: no matter how good of a rider you are, accidents happen.

magnetic safety stirrups by Ophena

#2 Flexible joint stirrups

Flexible joint stirrups flex in the middle. In case of an accident, the stirrup will bend and release your foot. These are popular stirrups and have been on the market for a while and are popular among dressage and showjumping riders.

Flexible joint stirrups are an excellent choice for grown-ups. Please note: these stirrups are not available in a smaller size for children. This means that if your child riders in these stirrups, there is a risk of them sliding their foot and leg through the stirrup.

These stirrups are allowed at dressage shows and they are discreet safety stirrups. For instance, peacock stirrups are not preferred by dressage riders, because they don't exactly look very appealing.

Flexible joint stirrups vs. magnetic safety stirrups.
Flexible joint stirrups bend in the middle.

#3 Peacock stirrups

Peacock stirrups have a rubber band on the outside of the stirrup. In an accident, the rubber band will come detached, allowing your foot to release. These stirrups have been on the market for years, however, they're not very stylish and the rubber bands can start breaking after a few years, and they need to be replaced.

Though peacock stirrups have gotten a ton of attention and many riders use them, you should note that these stirrups actually have a weight limit. It is about 50 kilograms! This means, that grown-ups should not be using these stirrups.

Peacock stirrups vs. magnetic safety stirrups.

Choose your safety stirrups

In order to choose the correct safety stirrups for you, you should think about what you need from your stirrups. Grown-ups can use our Ophena S safety stirrups as well as flexible joint stirrups. However, peacock stirrups should only be used for kids.

Also, consider the material you want your safety stirrups to be made of: some riders prefer light plastic stirrups, whereas others love the feel and look of stainless steel.

In addition, another thing to take into account is the price range: not everyone wants to spend a ton of money on safety stirrups, but you should remember, that you get what you pay for.

If you want to compare more safety stirrups with each other, check out our article about the best safety stirrups for adults.

Compare before you buy

There are multiple options out there for safety stirrups and magnetic safety stirrups. All of them have different features and price range. After you have narrowed down your specs and have an idea of what kind of safety stirrups you want, compare available options. Also, remember to ask about the return policies and possible money-back guarantees. 

After all, stirrups are made to last and buying the right kind of stirrup for you is important. When you use time on choosing the correct ones for you, you will not need to replace them for years. 


Before choosing your stirrups, compare safety stirrups and choose your own to ensure that your riding lessons are as safe as possible. Also, if you have questions about our Ophena S or Ophena T magnetic safety stirrups, don't hesitate to contact us!