The Science Behind Ophena's Safety Stirrups

In the world of horse riding, where tradition often reigns supreme, Ophena is making waves with its cutting-edge stirrup designs. Today, we're spotlighting the technology and craftsmanship of three standouts: the Ophena S, Ophena A, and Ophena S Pro stirrups.

1. Ophena S: Setting the Bar High

The Ophena S isn’t your regular stirrup. Here’s how it breaks the mold:

  • Open Design for Safety: By implementing an open design, the Ophena S minimizes the risk of a rider’s foot getting trapped. It’s all about safety first, ensuring that in the event of a fall, the rider can part from the horse without the stirrup posing any additional risks. 

  • Magnetic Safety Connection: Partnered with its magnetic insole, the magnetic connection not only ensures a secure grip but facilitates an effortless release during unplanned dismounts.

  • Smart Attach™️ Technology: The patented Smart Attach™️ mechanism makes attaching and detaching the stirrup a breeze—no need to take off the stirrup leathers from the saddle. Plus, this feature extends the life of your stirrup leathers. When not in use, the Ophena S can be run up and conveniently attached atop the saddle.


2. Ophena A: Safety and Design for All Disciplines

Ophena A is an assurance of safety, a statement of style, and a promise of performance:

  • Impact Absorption: Unique to Ophena A is its cushioning element located directly beneath the tread. This feature offers much-needed comfort for the rider's knees without disrupting its sleek design. Additionally, the entire stirrup has been crafted to flex, absorbing harder impacts, ensuring rider comfort even during intense activity.

  • Aerospace-Grade Aluminium Core: At its heart, the Ophena A boasts a core crafted from solid aerospace-grade aluminium. Precision-machined, it showcases elegant shapes while promising utmost durability.

  • The Twister – A Signature Safety Feature: Made from durable, UV and water-resistant silicone, the Twister isn’t just functional but is a testament to Ophena’s commitment to design. With its patent-pending 360° double safety release technology, it can release at two distinct points in any direction, enhancing rider safety.

3. Ophena S Pro: Premium Features for the Elite Rider

Elevating the features of the Ophena S, the Ophena S Pro is the epitome of luxury and enhanced utility:

  • Diamond Grip: Setting it apart from the Ophena S and its grip  made of glas fibre-reinforced plastic, the S Pro boasts a diamond grip crafted from hardened aerospace-grade aluminum, ensuring stability and added control for the rider.

  • Optimized for Safety: Like its Ophena S counterpart, the S Pro is engineered with top-tier safety in mind. Its open design and magnetic system collaborate to minimize the risk of entanglement and promise secure release in precarious situations.

In Conclusion: More Than Just Stirrups

The Ophena S, Ophena A, and Ophena S Pro aren’t just about aiding your ride; they’re about elevating your entire equestrian experience. Whether you're an amateur rider or a seasoned professional, these stirrups promise a blend of safety, design, and innovation that's hard to beat.

Ready to revolutionize your ride? It might just be time to give these Ophena stirrups a whirl. And remember, with the right gear, every ride can feel like an adventure!

Personal Touch with Engraving

Elevating personalization to the next level, Ophena offers the unique option of engraving your stirrups. Whether it's your initials, a special date, or a symbol close to your heart, this feature allows riders to imbue a personal essence onto their gear. It's not just about functionality with Ophena; it's about making a statement, creating an identity, and owning a piece of equestrian equipment that's truly, uniquely yours.

Perfect the Look with Matching Accessories

No equestrian ensemble is complete without the finishing touches. With Ophena’s matching accessories, including stirrup covers and stirrup leathers, riders can achieve a cohesive, classic, and head-turning look. These accessories don't just complement your stirrups but elevate the overall aesthetic, exuding sophistication and style.

Ready to join the Ophena community but need one final push? Check our "shop the look" page and get inspired!