Safety stirrups for kids - how to pick the right ones?

Safety stirrups are essential for everyone, regardless of their discipline, level or even age. Adults and kids alike need safety stirrups that will release their foot in case of a fall. In fact, compared to adult stirrups, there are a few different things that you need to consider when it comes to safety stirrups for kids.

Safety stirrups for kids

How to choose safety stirrups for kids?

Kids cannot use the same kind of stirrups as adults and the simple reason for this is the size of the stirrup. Simply put, adults have bigger stirrups, which can be dangerous for kids, because the child's foot can easily slide through the stirrup.

This is why kids need safety stirrups that are the correct size. They need to be small enough that their feet won't slide through the stirrup. At the same time, they need to have some sort of safety mechanism that will release their foot in case of a fall.

So, when choosing safety stirrups for kids, there are two very important factors that you have to take into account:

  • The size of the stirrup
  • Safety features

What are the best safety stirrups for kids?

Though there are many great safety stirrups on the market (like you can see in our article about the best safety stirrups for adults), many of them don't come in suitable sizes for kids.

In fact, there are only a few great options for children.

Peacock safety stirrups

Peacock safety stirrups have been around for ages. These stirrups have a rubber band on the outside, which will easily release in case of an accident. In fact, they are made for people that are lighter than about 55 kilos, which makes them excellent safety stirrups for kids.

peacock safety stirrups
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Covered toe/cage safety stirrups for kids

Covered toe/cage stirrups are usually made with aluminum and the cage part is designed with leather or plastic. This prevents the child's foot from sliding through the stirrup, while making it easy for their foot to release in case of an accident.

cage stirrups
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How can I get safety stirrups for kids?

You can buy safety stirrups for kids at a tack store or online. Usually, many people prefer to do it online simply because it is often faster, more convenient and cheaper. If you decide to order them online, ensure that you read their return policy first.

You should make sure that you can test the stirrups and if you don't like them, return them and get your money back. However, if you decide to return them, make sure they still have their tags on and that you send them back in their original box.

When your safety stirrups arrive, let your child test them out with boots on and see if his/her foot can slide through or not. Also, make sure that the stirrup is big enough that the kid's foot cannot get stuck in any other way.


Safety stirrups are an important part of your (and your child's) safety gear. Remember, that kids cannot use the same stirrups as adults simply because of the size difference. Take some time to compare available alternatived and purchase safety stirrups for your kids already today.