Safety stirrups and grip - what makes the grip good?

There are dozens of different safety stirrups on the market. Each of them has their own good features and things that they focus on. Some brands focus on beautiful design, some on safety aspects, some on the grip and some for everything. For many riders, a good grip in their safety stirrups is the most important thing.

The grip of your stirrups - what does it mean?

All safety stirrups have a tread of some sort that helps your foot to stay in place. In fact, a good grip can help you stay more balanced and keep your foot in one place as well as ensure that your foot won't slip.

If you look at your safety stirrups, you can see that the spot where you place your foot may have treading. Some stirrups have more of it, some less, and some have more aggressive treading than others.

The better the treading, the better the grip. A good grip in your safety stirrups is especially important for showjumpers and eventers.

For instance, when you ride in rainy weather, the bottom of your foot and stirrups may become more slippery. If the treading is good, it will hold your foot in one place and it won't start slipping.

What kind of treading do safety stirrups have?

Treading of your stirrups really depend on the brand and the type of stirrups. For instance, peacock stirrups have a separate rubber piece that you have to place onto the stirrups. This rubber piece often has horizontal treading or little bumps and it helps to keep your foot in place.

peacock safety stirrups

Over time, this treading will start to disappear because of usage. When this happens and you notice that the grip is no longer good, you can buy new separate rubber pieces without replacing the entire stirrup irons.

Many aluminum stirrups, on the other hand, have aggressive aluminum treading that doesn't get dull no matter how long you use your stirrups. This kind of treading is generally excellent for grip, but it can be bad for your stirrup leathers. For these kinds of stirrups, it is recommended to get stirrup covers to protect the leather.

Freejump safety stirrups

You may also find plastic pieces that are to be inserted into the stirrups. They often have horizontal treading as well, and may hold better than rubber, especially when riding in the rain. In some cases, you may find stirrups that are completely made of plastic, including their treading.

Plastic stirrups

The grip on Ophena magnetic safety stirrups

Ophena magnetic safety stirrups have an excellent grip and in fact, we have used a lot of resources in creating stirrups that are the most comfortable and safe.

Magnetic safety stirrups - FAQ answered

In addition to treading that keeps your foot in place, the magnetic connection ensures that your foot won't slide out of the stirrups or move. Even when riding in rainy weather, you can rest assured that the magnetic connection won't be disturbed and that you can keep riding.

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When purchasing your safety stirrups online, you should always consider the things and features that are the most important to you. For instance, take into account the safety features, grip, design, price, and other factors.