Order safety stirrups online

Thanks to the internet, it is now very easy to order your Ophena magnetic safety stirrups online. The outstanding magnetic safety stirrups designed by Ophena are available for sale in many parts of Europe and the US.

The stirrups designed by Ophena are in high demand for the following reasons:

Class and style

The Ophena magnetic safety stirrups feature a unique style that makes the stirrups stand out from the rest. The magnetic stirrups are classified as premium products designed for everyone who is passionate about equestrian sports. You will fall in love with the style and design in a heartbeat!

magnetic safety stirrups by Ophena


In addition to style, one of the significant features to look out for when buying a stirrup is the quality. The stirrups made by Ophena are designed from quality materials such as titanium (aerospace grade), and high-grade stainless steel. It gives the magnetic safety stirrups a unique finishing that will be admired by everyone.

The magnetic safety stirrups are easy to use

Also, everyone who buys the Ophena magnetic safety stirrups is guaranteed to have a fantastic experience with the products. They are easy to use and all you need to do is to attach the stirrups to your stirrup leathers.

Safety stirrups

The best part? The magnetic stirrups feature a Smart Attach system that allows the user to attach the stirrups to a saddle within seconds. Also, after it has been attached, the design makes it possible to use the stirrup without the need to frequently remove the stirrup leather from the saddle. This can increase the lifespan of the magnetic safety stirrup.

Magnetic insoles

You can find Ophena stirrups on sale with different sizes of the magnetic insoles. The availability of the different sizes makes it possible for young children to use the Ophena magnetic safety stirrup.

Magnetic insoles
The Ophena Magnetic Insole is always included with our magnetic safety stirrups

How can I order safety stirrups online?

Fortunately, this part is easy. Now you know why there is so much buzz about the Ophena magnetic safety stirrups, let’s talk about how you can order your magnetic stirrups online.

It is very easy to order any of the Ophena magnetic safety stirrups because the website is responsive and has user-friendly features.

Selecting your Ophena magnetic safety stirrups

On the Ophena product page, you will find the different magnetic safety stirrups and insoles on sale.

The product display on the website features a picture of the stirrup or insoles, the price, the estimated time for delivery. The first order of business is to choose whether you want Ophena S or Ophena T stirrups.

Add to cart

You can place an order with a click on the ‘Select Options’ tab, which reveals the different colors of the stirrup model that are available for sale and the sizes of insoles. Also, there is an option to choose the number of products you want to buy. After making the correct selection, you can proceed with the purchase by clicking on the ‘Add to Cart’ tab.


After filling up your cart with the Ophena equestrian products you need, payment can be made by using any of the options provided on the site. The payment options include Credit Card payment, SOFORT, and PayPal options. You can also make a prepayment with an invoice.

And guess what? Shipping is free for all purchases made within the EU. All purchases are protected by a 60-days money-back offer, which is one of the best reasons you should buy from Ophena.