Ophena stands out from the rest - here's how!

Did you know that The type of stirrups you use can influence your riding experience in many ways? In fact, all horse riding experts always stress the need to go for high-quality products, no matter what kind of tack you are buying. Ophena magnetic safety stirrups stand out from the rest and can help you have a wonderful riding experience.

What makes the Ophena stirrups stand out?

We have gone the extra mile to create and sell the best magnetic safety stirrups that you can find in the market. In fact, one of the favorite Ophena stirrups is the Ophena T magnetic safety stirrup model. Many of our customers enjoy it, as they stand out.

The Ophena T stirrups are unique: these stirrups have been crafted as a premium model for people who have an exquisite taste for beauty and quality.

Here are the top reasons why the Ophena T magnetic safety stirrups have continued to impress every buyer.

Our magnetic safety stirrups are made from titanium

These stirrups are made of something different. Not just the regular titanium, but our safety stirrups are made from the highest quality titanium, sourced from the aerospace industry. Titanium is the standard choice, regarding materials for all premium stirrup models. It is durable and can hardly be compromised when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Ophena T magnetic safety stirrups

Ophena T is designed in a variety of colors

You can find the Ophena T stirrup models in three different colors. We know that it is always a good idea to offer a variety, which is what the customers like. And of course, no one else will have stirrups as stylish as these!

One of the highly demanded Ophena T magnetic stirrups is the gold model. It is such a beauty: we have received so many good reviews for the gold-colored stirrup. It has all the desirable features identified with our magnetic safety stirrups. In addition, the gold color makes it stand out in a class of its own because gold is not a common color used for the design of stirrups.

The open design

The Ophena T magnetic safety stirrups feature an open design that lowers the risk of your foot getting caught if you fall off your horse. The open design also features a foot stopper.

What this means is that your horse riding boots cannot slip off the Ophena T magnetic stirrup while you are riding the horse. The open design complements the aesthetic features of the Ophena T stirrup, giving it a sleek look, which is even more outstanding in the gold Ophena T stirrup.

Ophena safety stirrups

Magnetic insoles

The magnetic insoles are sold with the Ophena T magnetic safety stirrups. The insoles are cut out in different sizes that can fit regular horse riding boots. The magnetic insoles hold fast to the Ophena T stirrups while you are riding. And they can come off without any issues if you ever fall off the horse during a training session.

Magnetic Safety Stirrup Ophena S with its magnetic insole
Magnetic Safety Stirrup Ophena S with its magnetic insole

New stirrup designs with a Smart Attach feature

Also, the Smart Attach feature makes it possible to attach the Ophena stirrups to the saddle without stress. This is a patented technology that can only be found on the Ophena magnetic safety stirrups.

Safety stirrups

One thing is certain, the designers who have created Ophena magnetic safety stirrups have fully considered the needs of the users to ensure the stirrups are perfect.

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