Ophena saddle pad now available in multiple colors - and for dressage, too!

Ophena had recently released their very own Ophena Evolution saddle pad for jumping. The midnight blue, luxurious saddle pad was a requested addition to the product catalog and it immediately received the attention and admiration it deserves. However, Ophena has now taken dressage riders into account too, by releasing Ophena Evolution for dressage. And as a cherry on top - we have added a couple of new colors, too.

Three beautiful colors

When we first released Ophena Evolution saddle pad, it was available in luxurious midnight blue. The pad was designed for showjumpers and hunters in mind, so it would fit a jump saddle perfectly. And while our midnight blue is beautiful and popular, we decided to add two more colors in our selection.

Now, we also have our saddle pads available in black and white. Our black saddle pad goes well with any color, whether it be bright colors, dark colors, or matching black. The white, however, is perfect for horse shows, for instance.

Ophena saddle pad

A saddle pad for dressage riders, too

In addition, we now have our fantastic saddle pad available for dressage riders, too. The dressage pad has a longer and straighter front cut, so it runs seamlessly along with the wing of a dressage saddle.

Otherwise, the two saddle pads include the same features: luxurious material, beautiful colors, honey comb cotton, and two cords to finish the look. Also, both saddle pads feature an Ophena -logo, which looks absolutely fantastic together with your Ophena magnetic safety stirrups.

Ophena saddle pad

Order yours online today

You can easily order your saddle pad (or safety stirrups!) online at our store. All you need to do is to choose your style (jumper or dressage), choose your color (blue, white, or black), and choose the size (full or half).

Add your saddle pad in the cart and finish the checkout process. Your saddle pad will arrive shortly at your door and you will get to enjoy your luxurious new pad.

PSST! The new saddle pads are an excellent holiday present for your equestrian friends... or yourself!

Our products have a 60-day money-back guarantee, so should you wish to return your product for any reason, you can do so without a worry. Also, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to be in touch with us.