Ophena saddle pad - now available!

Ophena magnetic safety stirrups have become extremely popular within Europe and the United States. In fact, many showjumpers, eventers, and dressage riders have fallen in love with our magnetic stirrups, as they provide absolute safety with innovative features. And they are stylish, too. Many of our customers have also taken note of our beautiful Ophena Evolution saddle pad

The saddle pad that many of our followers have seen in our photos has been requested all over the world. And now we have good news: it is available for purchase on our site.

Ophena showjumping saddle pad

As with our safety stirrups, we have also put a lot of thought behind developing our saddle pad. We wanted it to be not only beautiful but also functional and great for the horse. 

When we developed our saddle pad, we aimed to create a wonderful balance between classical shapes and progressive angles. The goal was to bring a unique look to a normal, everyday product. 

We have used high-end fabrics in the saddle pad, and they have been woven for the best possible air-flow, as well as an excellent fit. The materials have been multilayered and carefully integrated. 

In addition, we have taken into account durability and functionality, which is (of course) important for horses and riders. Frankly, together with our magnetic safety stirrups and Ophena saddle pad, you are better equipped and prepared than ever.

The saddle pad features lined honeycomb cotton, it has been lined with stylish cords, and you will see our beautiful logo in the corner. Matching the saddle pad and stirrups will make you and your horse look and feel your best.

The Ophena saddle pad comes in midnight blue and it is fitted for showjumping saddles. The logo can be seen on the left side. 

Ophena saddle pad

How can I buy the Ophena saddle pad?

You can make your purchase conveniently. Simply choose the size of your saddle pad (full or cob) and add it to your cart. Go to the cart and fill in your shipping and payment details and you are ready to go. The saddle pad will ship as soon as possible and you will get to enjoy riding stylishly. 

Don't forget the safety stirrups!

If you have not had a chance to take a look at our safety stirrups yet, you should do so. Both Ophena S and Ophena T have received wonderful reviews from our customers. You will get to enjoy the magnetic connection between your stirrups and boots, and an open side for absolute safety, a foot stopper, and innovative design. 

With our saddle pad and magnetic safety stirrups, you will surely be noticed. No one can bypass this elegance and beauty!


If you have any questions about our safety stirrups or the saddle pad, take a look at our FAQ page or contact us. We will gladly help you!