Ophena S Pro: upgrade your magnetic safety stirrups

Ophena has been manufactured by professionals, for you. Ophena magnetic safety stirrups have been designed with utmost safety and security in mind, without sacrificing style and aesthetics. While Ophena S has been popular among our customers, we decided to take it up a notch and to upgrade our popular Ophena S. Let us introduce you, Ophena S Pro.

Ophena S Pro magnetic safety stirrups

What is Ophena S Pro?

Ophena S Pro is a magnetic safety stirrup, just like our Ophena S. In fact, it has the same features with one upgrade that makes a difference: magnetic grip combined with a diamond grip. The ultimate grip for your foot.

Ophena S Pro magnetic safety stirrups still offer the same popular and unique features as Ophena S, so you will get to enjoy all the perks.
  • Magnetic connection
  • Open side and a foot stopper
  • Magnetic insoles
  • Smart Attach -system
  • Beautiful design

What else can you expect from Ophena S Pro?

Ophena S Pro is approved for FEI showjumping, it has timeless and durable design, and the incomparable grip holds in any weather. You will not risk losing your stirrups, but instead, your stirrups will stay at the right spot at all times.

Also, you can expect so much more:
  • Works with your riding boots
  • Works with normal stirrup leathers
  • Perfect for training and competition alike
  • 4° tilted tread
  • Optimal foot position
  • Increased leg stability

Are you ready to order your own magnetic safety stirrups?

You can order your own magnetic safety stirrups today. The process is very simple and easy and you will have your new magnetic safety stirrups in your mailbox before you know it. In order to get our own stirrups, all you need to do is the following.
  • Pick whether you want Ophena S or Ophena S Pro
  • Choose the color (Ophena S Pro is available in silver and onyx black)
  • Choose the size of your insole (for magnetic insoles)
  • Finish the purchase

Our stirrups ship as soon as possible, usually within a few days, and you will have your stirrups in your mailbox soon. Best of all, we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee to ensure that you are happy with your purchase. If you have not yet had a chance to read our reviews, go ahead and take a look. You will soon understand why our customers love us so much. In fact, both amateurs and professionals rely on our safety stirrups at shows and at home.

Don’t forget your saddle pad

Did you know that we also have Ophena Evolution saddle pads? These luxurious, soft saddle pads are available for showjumping and dressage and are available in multiple colors. They have a honeycomb design, luxurious cord runs along the edge, and Ophena logo. These saddle pads will finish your competition look and give you the feeling of royalty.