Ophena is now available in Europe and in the USA

No matter your discipline, your horse riding experience can be more rewarding when you use the best equestrian accessories. Over the years, the traditional accessories used to ride horses have evolved into products with much better features. One of such accessories are Ophena safety stirrups.

Why Ophena?

Ophena safety stirrups

Now, thanks to Ophena, a manufacturing company based in Sweden, you can find improved magnetic safety stirrups that are safer for use. They are also more effective than regular safety stirrups. The premium magnetic safety stirrups are much different from the traditional breakaway stirrups we used before. The difference lies in its features.

The magnetic safety stirrups have been designed with features that make it easy for beginners and experienced riders to use them.

What’s more, Ophena has expanded its business, and the magnetic safety stirrups can be found in many parts of Europe and the USA.

The drive to make the magnetic stirrups available to more equestrian sports fans is motivated by the need to help every user have better riding experience. The main goal is always keeping the rider and the horse safe.

Here are some of the fascinating features of this improved horse riding accessory.

Magnetic insoles in Ophena stirrups

The new magnetic safety stirrups have been designed with excellent magnetic insoles that make it easier for the rider to maintain proper balance. In addition, the magnets keep your foot on the right spot at all times. Should you lose your stirrup at any point, the magnets will pull towards each other, making it easy to get your stirrup back.

The magnetic insoles stick to the safety stirrups firmly during the entire horse riding session and can be easily detached if the rider falls off the horse.

Smart foot stopper

The magnetic safety stirrups feature a smart foot stopper that prevents the rider’s boots from slipping off the stirrup.

Smart Attach system

The magnetic safety stirrups designed by Ophena also feature a Smart Attach mechanism that makes it super easy and fast to change your stirrups. No need to remove your stirrup leathers anymore!

Magnetic safety stirrups Smart Attach system

Accepted by the FEI for showjumping

The magnetic safety stirrups designed by Ophena have been accepted by reputable equestrian organizations. The stirrups are used during renowned horse riding organizations, such as the British Show Jumping event and the FEI Show Jumping.

The wide acceptance of the Ophena magnetic safety stirrups can be attributed to the fact that the stirrups have been properly assessed. And the stirrups meet the world-class standards for safety and convenience.

Available now in the USA

With the recent launch of the magnetic safety stirrups in the USA, there has been an amazing reaction from the American equestrian community.

Frankly, it is all about improving equestrian sports. Thankfully, innovative technology is being used creatively to give every rider an opportunity to enjoy every horse riding experience.