Ophena has beautiful colors for safety stirrups

Thanks to new technology, we are able to get more and more innovative equestrian tack. For instance, Ophena has manufactured two different magnetic safety stirrups: Ophena S and Ophena T. Both of them feature a magnetic connection, an open side, a foot stopper, Smart Attach -system, and a beautiful design. However, today we will not be talking about the technology part of these wonderful safety stirrups.

Ophena S safety stirrups

Instead, we will take a look at their aesthetics, more importantly, the colors. We will also see how you can match these colors with your saddle pads, polo wraps, boots, and your own riding outfit to look your best in the show ring and at home.

Ophena S magnetic safety stirrups: beautiful colors

Ophena S is our most popular safety stirrup and our customers love it. The main differences between Ophena S and Opehena T lie in the material (for Ophena T, it is titanium, which makes the stirrups lighter) and the colors.

Our fantastic Ophena S comes in two different colors: silver and black. Silver is a wonderful choice for traditional riders who prefer their stirrups to match with any color. In fact, you can pair your silver safety stirrups with any color, whether it be black, brown, red, or yellow, and it will always match beautifully.

Out Onyx Black stirrups, too, match with every color. Though black will be a more bold choice than silver, and is an excellent color for those who prefer darker colors. For instance, black stirrups match well with blue tack (such as with our midnight blue saddle pad).

Ophena T is for the ones who require just a little more

Ophena T comes in three colors as well: silver, gold, and black. Our Ophena T gold stirrups are luxurious and they look wonderful with our Evolution saddle pad. Gold color against the blue pops beautifully and creates a luxurious feel.

Ophena T safety stirrups are a lighter choice and are especially preferred by showjumpers.

Order your safety stirrups online

You can easily order your own Ophena S or Ophena T magnetic safety stirrups online. The process is simple:

  1. Choose Ophena S or Ophena T
  2. Choose your color
  3. Choose your shoe size (for magnetic insoles)
  4. Finish your order

The stirrups will be delivered as soon as possible and you will get to enjoy your new, luxurious, and most importantly, safe stirrups. As a cherry on top, we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee: should you for any reason be unhappy with your purchase, you can return your stirrups, no questions asked.

If you encounter any issues or would like to ask us questions, do not hesitate to be in touch with us. Also, follow us on Instagram for the latest updates and offers.