Ophena A: safety stirrup for all disciplines

Recently, Ophena released its newest innovation: Ophena A safety stirrups. While Ophena S and Ophena S Pro received a wonderful welcome all over the world - and in particular in the showjumping world - we felt that riders of all disciplines needed something more. Ophena A is a safety stirrup with unique and innovative technology without the magnetic connection that our two earlier stirrups provide, making it suitable for all disciplines - even at FEI competitions.

Ophena A - safety stirrups for all disciplines

Safety stirrup for all disciplines
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Ophena A is our newest invention. It is a safety stirrup with new patent-pending 360° double safety release technology, where the outer side is closed with The Twister: a silicone piece that anchors into two release points. 
Sounds complicated?
Not really. All you need to do as a rider is to attach The Twister onto the stirrups and twist it to place. However, the design behind it is much more complicated than it looks: it has a complex, highly functional geometry and anchor-like ends that match their aluminum counterpart in the stirrups.
In the video below, you will see exactly how Ophena A works:
Because Ophena A does not feature a magnetic connection, it is suitable for all disciplines. Ophena A safety stirrups are suitable for anyone from amateurs to professionals.
For instance, dressage riders, showjumpers, eventers, hunter/jumpers, and even jockeys can use our safety stirrups.

Safety stirrups with fool-proof release mechanism

From the start, our mission has been to provide utmost safety for riders. When Ophena S was born, we wanted to create a stirrup with a fool-proof safety mechanism that would always release the rider's foot in case of an accident. 

We had the same mission with Ophena A.

Ophena A's outer side features The Twister, a silicone piece that releases under pressure in case of a fall. 

Ophena A: the benefits

In addition to the patent-pending Twister-innovation, Ophena A also features the following:

  • Diamond tread that provides the rider with optimal grip and maximum control
  • Integrated dampening that allows for flexibility and improved balance (excellent for your knees!)
  • High-end materials: the core is made out of solid aerospace-grade aluminum
  • 60-day money back guarantee

Order Ophena A safety stirrups today

Ophena A safety stirrups are just as amazing as they sound. You can order your own safety stirrups exclusively at Ophena.com. When you are ready to place your order, just follow these steps. 

  1. Choose Ophena A from our shop
  2. Choose the color (silver or black)
  3. Fill in your shipping details
  4. Wait for your safety stirrups to arrive

Remember, you can always get in touch with us if you have any questions. Meanwhile, you should also read through some of our stirrup reviews to find out why Ophena is loved by all of our customers, and why we have received over 1500 five-star reviews.