Now you can make Ophena magnetic safety stirrups yours - personalize your stirrups

Have you ever dreamed about personalizing your safety stirrups? In fact, have you ever even thought about it? Nowadays, we can easily personalize our clothes, saddle pads, bridles, and even saddles. And now... you can personalize your magnetic safety stirrups, too!

Ophena magnetic safety stirrups just got more luxurious

Ophena S already have a luxurious feel to them. After all, they are available in different colors, are made with stainless steel, they have our patented Smart Attach system, a foot stopper, and (of course) magnetic connection. How is it possible that they have become even more luxurious than before?

Now you can get your magnetic safety stirrups engraved. You can laser engrave your name, your horse's name, or anything else you want. They are now available for order, and you will still get our 60-day money-back guarantee - that's how confident we are that you will absolutely fall in love with our safety stirrups.

Customize your magnetic safety stirrups

Top rated magnetic safety stirrups

When we created Ophena magnetic safety stirrups, the purpose was to create the safest and most stylish safety stirrups possible. When riding horses, one of the biggest worries about falling off is that the rider's foot will get stuck in the stirrups. This can cause dangerous situations, if you get dragged behind your horse. 

Also, while there are multiple different kind of safety stirrups out there, our safety mechanism is fail-proof: the open side of the stirrup ensures that your foot will always release in case of an accident.

And not to worry, your foot will not slip out of the stirrups while riding, either: the magnetic connection and foot stopper ensure that your foot stays where it should.

Our customers love us

We don't like to brag, but... well, maybe a little bit. If you take a look at our safety stirrup reviews, you will notice that our customers love us. After all, Ophena magnetic safety stirrups are something you have not seen before. They are most importantly safe, but also luxurious, aesthetically beautiful, and we have incorporated elements that you will not find elsewhere. 

Ready get your own safety stirrups?

When you are ready to purchase your own magnetic safety stirrups, follow these steps. 

1. Choose Ophena S

2. Choose your color

3. Choose your foot size (for the magnetic insoles)

4. Finish your purchase

We will ship the stirrups to you as soon as possible, and you will get to see for yourself. Remember, that our magnetic safety stirrups come with a 60-day money-back guarantee - this way, we ensure that our customers are always happy.

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