Most Innovative Equestrian Inventions - including magnetic safety stirrups

As technology progresses and develops, the equestrian world also gets to enjoy the fruits of it. The most innovative equestrian inventions include, for instance, magnetic safety stirrups, Stübben's full cheek snaffle bit and Hit-Air vests.

Ophena magnetic safety stirrups

Ophena S and Ophena T are one of the most innovative equestrian inventions today. The magnetic stirrups pull towards the magnet in the insole of your shoe, making it easy to keep your foot in place. The other side of the stirrups is open, making it super safe in case of an accident. These stirrups are preferred especially by showjumpers and para-dressage riders.

Magnetic safety stirrups at Ophena
Ophena S and Ophena T magnetic safety stirrups are one of the most innovative equestrian inventions today.

Stübben full cheek snaffle bit 2 in 1

Stübben is a very well-known German brand. In 2013, they invented a full cheek snaffle 2 in 1 bit, that received an ETN Innovation Award. It has a mouthpiece that offers two impact levels by switching the side of the bit.

The bit even has a sweet copper link that can increase the production of saliva for better acceptance.

Hit-Air Equestrian vests

Many use safety vests while riding. It is especially common with showjumpers, hunters and eventers. Regular vests, however, have a very hard shell and can make moving with it difficult. Hit-Air equestrian vests are light, thin vests that include an air-bag.

The vest attaches to the saddle, and in case of a fall, pull on the wire will inflate the airbag within a fraction of a second. It protects the rider's neck and spine from injury.

Hit-Air safety vest

Magnetic boots for horses

Magnetic boots for horses have been available to horse owners for many years to support horses that suffer from injuries, swollen legs, arthritis or other conditions.

Advancements in magnetic technology have recently led to the introduction of more advanced magnetic therapy, such as EQU StreamZ magnetic bands, which provide additional benefits over more traditional techniques. These magnetic boots create no thermal increase in the horses legs allowing them to be used directly after exercise and 24x7.

Magnetic safety stirrups and magnetic boots are, in fact, some of the most popular innovations in the equestrian world today.


Many innovative equestrian products, such as magnetic safety stirrups, are made to keep riders safe. Equestrian sport is, after all, an extreme sport and accidents happen when you least expect it. Keep yourself safe and use new, innovative safety products!