Magnetic safety stirrups: What is Ophena's Smart Attach -system?

Stirrups have developed tremendously over the years, and nowadays, the market is flooded with different kind of safety stirrups that provide better safety for the riders. Also, many manufacturers have added their own flavor to the product that makes them stand out from others. 

Magnetic safety stirrups

Ophena stands out in many ways, but one of the most significant elements is our Smart Attach -system that no one else has. 

What is the Smart Attach -system?

Ophena's own Smart Attach -system makes it very easy to attach and detach your own magnetic safety stirrups to and from the stirrup leathers. The best part is, that you will not need to remove the stirrup leathers in order to take the stirrups off. We all know the struggle of putting the leathers back on the saddle.

In the video below, you will see how you can attach your Ophena S or Ophena T magnetic safety stirrups to your stirrup leathers, and how you can easily and efficiently remove them.

While Ophena safety stirrups have many reasons to why it stands out and why riders choose it, the Smart Attach -system is by far the most unique element. As removing the stirrups is so easy, you can take them off whenever to clean them or store them. For instance, when leaving for horse shows, you might want to remove the stirrups to clean them and keep them separately from the saddle until it is time to get on and start warming up.

For what else are Ophena magnetic safety stirrups known?

Ophena S and Ophena T are our two designs of magnetic safety stirrups, that both feature the following:

  • An open side
  • A foot stopper
  • Magnetic connection
  • Beautiful design
  • Excellent grip
  • Smart Attach -system

The open side ensures that your foot will always release in case of an accident, while the foot stopper ensures that your foot will not slide out of the stirrup. The magnetic connection is, of course, the main element and it connects your stirrups to the magnetic insole of your boot. Our design is pleasing to the eye, and with detailed finish, you will get the luxurious feel.

Of course, the grip in our stirrups is excellent. And last but not least, the Smart Attach -system acts as a cherry on top.

How can I get magnetic safety stirrups?

When you are ready to purchase your own magnetic safety stirrups from Ophena, here is how you do it:

  1. Pick the design you want: Ophena S or Ophena T
  2. Pick the color
  3. Pick your shoe size (for the magnetic insole)
  4. Add to cart

You will receive your magnetic safety stirrups soon, and thanks to our 60-day money-back guarantee, you will surely be happy with your purchase.