Magnetic insoles ship with Ophena safety stirrups

Did you know that the Ophena magnetic safety stirrups have been accepted by the equestrian public in the EU and the United States? It is because of their fascinating aesthetic and safety features. In addition, the unique magnetic safety stirrups work with a different principle, compared to the traditional breakaway stirrups. This makes Ophena safety stirrups a safe and reliable option and best of all - they come with magnetic insoles.

Ophena safety stirrups come with magnetic insoles

The Ophena magnetic safety stirrups feature an open design that eliminated the risk of horse riding boots getting caught in the stirrups. This makes riding safer for everyone.

Magnetic safety stirrups at Ophena

Also, these magnetic safety stirrups feature an integrated design with a magnetic system. It provides a grip that helps the rider to maintain good balance while riding.

The magnetic system is invisibly incorporated in the design of the stirrup. Also, it holds the rider’s boots firmly because there is a magnetic insole that is worn in the riding boots.

The magnetic insoles are shipped with the Ophena magnetic safety stirrups. Here are the top reasons why they are necessary when using the Ophena magnetic stirrups:

Magnetic insoles are excellent for proper balance

Every horse rider knows how important it is to maintain a proper balance when riding. It is easier to have a better riding experience when you use the magnetic safety stirrups because they hold fast. This is possible with the insoles which are placed in the riding boots. The insoles form a firm magnetic bond with the stirrups to prevent the rider’s boots from slipping off the stirrup during a horse riding session.

Magnetic Safety Stirrup Ophena S with its magnetic insole
Magnetic Safety Stirrup Ophena S with its magnetic insole

Safety while riding horses

These insoles generate enough magnetic force to hold the rider’s boots firmly on the magnetic stirrup surface. The magnetic connection is easily broken if the rider slips off the horse.

During a fall, the rider’s weight dislodges the insoles from the stirrup, allowing the horse rider to fall away, freely. This minimizes the risk of being dragged behind the horse and getting caught.

Magnetic insoles can be used in all types of weather

Regardless of the weather conditions, the insoles that come with the Ophena magnetic safety stirrups will hold firmly. This is a good thing, as it means that horse riders will be able to maintain a good balance while riding in the rain or during summer.

Magnetic insoles are perfect for anyone

Our insoles come in different sizes. During a purchase online, you will be given an option to choose your preferred magnetic insole size, according to the size of your riding boots.

The availability of options makes it possible for anyone to buy safety stirrups with these insoles.


You won't have to worry about the durability, either! Our insoles that are shipped with the Ophena magnetic safety stirrups can last for many years. The insoles require minimal care and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

The best thing? Using these insoles is easy. All you need to do is slip the magnetic insoles into your riding boots and you are set. However, we always advise everyone to buy and use the correct insole size, so you can feel comfortable with the insoles in your horse riding boots. Ready to order your stirrups with insoles?