Improve your leg position with Ophena magnetic safety stirrups

Ophena's magnetic safety stirrups have helped riders all over the world to keep their feet in the correct position. Sounds like a small adjustment, doesn't it? Maybe so, but the correct position of the lower leg and foot will help the rider to relax their whole leg all the way from the hips, which will contribute to a deeper seat and better balance, among other things.

So, how can Ophena safety stirrups help equestrians to improve their leg position and to ride better? Let's look at this next. 

Ophena magnetic stirrups improve leg position

Heels down, toes forward - not always as easy as it sounds

We have all been there at one point in our lives. We have heard the trainer yelling at us to press the heels down and to turn our toes towards the horse's head. When a rider's heels are high, it is often a result of the rider squeezing the saddle with their knees or thighs and tensing up their entire leg. Also, when the heels are high and legs tensed up, the lower leg is in an incorrect position and the rider cannot affect the horse well.

This causes the rider to become imbalanced and not being able to give the horse correct signals. Squeezing the saddle to stay in balance will give the horse mixed signals, and they may even become tense and confused. 

Long story short, simply having our foot in the correct position in the stirrup can help the rider to relax and sit deeper. 

Ophena magnetic safety stirrups help 

Ophena's magnetic safety stirrup models Ophena S and Ophena S Pro provide the rider some added security. The magnetic connection keeps the rider's foot always in the correct position, making it easier to press down the heels. Your foot will be in the correct spot throughout your ride and you will soon notice how much easier it is to relax the entire leg from the hips down to the ankles.

A relaxed leg allows you to sit deeper and to move with the horse's movements. You will be able to affect your horse with your seat and minimal signals, making the ride more comfortable for you and your horse. 

Some riders also experience the problem of losing stirrups during the ride. Losing your stirrups is not only inconvenient, it can also be dangerous. Ophena magnetic stirrups keep your foot in the stirrups, so you will not have to worry about losing your stirrup. Should you lose it anyway, the magnetic connection between your magnetic insoles and the stirrup will start to pull towards each other, making it much easier to catch the stirrups again.

Decreased hip, knee, and ankle pain

When your foot is in the correct position, your whole leg adjusts. Many riders have reported that their hip, knee, and ankle pain has decreased since they started using Ophena magnetic safety stirrups.

More relaxed leg and secure ride

Many of our customers have left stirrup reviews telling us about how much their rides have improved since purchasing Ophena stirrups. For instance, many customers have said to have experienced:

  • Deeper seat
  • More relaxed leg
  • More secure seat and foot position
  • Improved leg position

How do Ophena safety stirrups work?

Ophena magnetic safety stirrups come with magnetic insoles that you will slip into your boot. The next step it to attach your stirrups to your stirrup leathers, and you are ready for your ride!

Our magnetic safety stirrups have the following features:

  • Magnetic connection
  • Smart Attach™-system for easier attachment and detachment of stirrups
  • Open design for a safer ride
  • Made with stainless steel 

In the video below, you will see how our stirrups work in action:

For whom are Ophena stirrups suitable?

Our magnetic safety stirrups are suitable for amateurs and professionals alike. They have been geared more towards showjumping and hunter riders because magnetic safety stirrups are not allowed at dressage shows. However, Ophena S and Ophena S Pro have been approved for FEI showjumping which makes them perfect for showing.

Ophena stirrups are also excellent for being used at home either while jumping, doing flatwork, or hacking. 

Get your Ophena stirrups exclusively at

You can purchase your own Ophena S and Ophena S Pro magnetic safety stirrups at Here's how you can buy your own stirrups today:

  1. Choose your preferred stirrup model
  2. Choose the color (silver or black)
  3. Choose the size for your magnetic insoles
  4. Finalize your order

Your new stirrups will arrive in the mail soon and you will have a 60-day money-back guarantee. We have received over 1500 five-star reviews already: we are sure you will fall in love with our stirrups too!

Frequently asked questions

Are Ophena stirrups approved for horse shows?

Ophena S and Ophena S Pro are approved for FEI showjumping as well as para-dressage. Ophena A is approved for all disciplines.

How do Ophena stirrups help with leg position?

The magnet in the stirrups guides your foot onto the correct spot and keeps it there. As your foot is in the right spot and you will not need to focus on finding it, it will allow you to adjust your entire leg from the hip down and find the right place for your lower leg and heels.

How can Ophena stirrups improve posture?

Everything in our body is connected. If your leg is in an incorrect position, it will affect your balance and posture instantly. Because Ophena stirrups can help  you to find the correct position for your leg, this can also affect your posture in a positive way.