Improve your balance with Ophena safety stirrups

Having a good balance when riding is essential. When you have a good balance, you will be able to move with your horse, relax, and allow your horse to move freely. Did you know that the type of safety stirrups you have can affect your balance?

Ophena safety stirrups have been designed to not only reduce a chance of serious injury when riding, but to provide a more comfortable riding experience. Today, we will look at how Ophena magnetic safety stirrups can help you to improve your balance.

Improve your balance with Ophena safety stirrups

Why is good balance essential?

The better your balance is on the horse, the better you can control them. A good balance ensures that your leg is relaxed and in the correct place, your shoulders are down, your posture is good, and you are able to move your hips with the horse's movements. In addition, when a horse feels that you are relaxed, they relax as well.

A good balance is one of the things that makes a great rider. The better you can move with the horse and feel their movements, the better you can respond and react. 

On the other hand, a bad balance will cause the horse to tense up and possibly misunderstand your signals. Horses feel the rider's lack of balance, often trying to compensate for it and in the worst case scenario, an imbalanced rider can cause the horse to build up tension in their back, neck, or shoulders. 

Ophena safety stirrups can help you to improve your balance

Many might not consider that simply having the correct tack may improve your balance. But let's use a for instance: let's say you are a dressage rider, trying to complete a Prix St. Georges dressage test riding in a showjumping saddle. Challenging, right? That's because the saddle has been designed to provide the best support and aid for riders who ride in short stirrups and keep their seat light in the saddle, whereas you as a dressage rider would be doing the exact opposite. 

Bottom line is, tack matters. Even your stirrups. 

Ophena safety stirrups can help you to improve your balance in following ways:

  • They keep your feet and legs in correct position
  • They give you more confidence
  • They allow for better focus

Improved leg and foot position

When you put your foot in our magnetic safety stirrups, the magnet pulls your foot in the correct position and keeps it there throughout your ride. When your foot is in the correct position, this will also help you to keep your knee and hip in the correct place, improving your posture and balance. 

Improved confidence

Knowing that your foot is in the correct position and that it will stay there, thanks to the magnetic connection, you will automatically relax and gain more confidence. Relaxation, in turn, will allow for better balance and a more relaxed  horse. 

Improved focus

When you use Ophena magnetic safety stirrups, you can focus on your ride. You will not need to worry about losing your stirrups or worry that your foot will be in an incorrect position. 

How do Ophena safety stirrups work?

Ophena safety stirrups have a magnetic connection between the stirrup and the magnetic insole that you slide into your boot. Thus, as you put your foot on the stirrup, the magnetic pull will ensure that your foot locks in the right spot. 

In addition, Ophena S and Ophena S Pro (our magnetic safety stirrup models) feature an open design that allows your foot to release easier in case of an accident.

In the video below, you can see how Ophena stirrups work in action.

How to improve your balance with Ophena

If you are seeking to improve your balance, getting your own magnetic safety stirrups from Ophena is an excellent start. However, improving your balance and becoming a better rider is work that never ends - you can never be good enough, not in our sport.

There are many ways that can help you to improve your balance and to become a more confident rider. 

Ride without stirrups

Riding without stirrups is one of the best ways of improving your balance. You can cross your stirrups over the horse's withers and simply do a lesson without putting your feet in the stirrups at all. 

You will notice that towards the end of your lesson, your legs will start to relax all the way from the hip, your legs will lengthen, and find the correct spot. At the end of your lesson, put your feet back in your stirrups. See the difference?

Do a lunge lesson

One of the most effective ways to improve posture and balance is to do a lunge lesson. Your trainer will lunge your horse while you cross the stirrups over the withers and tie the reins on the horse's neck with a knot. Trying to control your horse without having your reins or stirrups to rely on is an effective way to instantly find a better balance and position. 

Having your trainer with you while doing this exercise is essential - don't go at this by yourself.

Ride bareback

Riding bareback is something that kids love - but why not adults, too? In fact, riding bareback will allow you to build better balance the same way as riding without stirrups would. But as you ride without a saddle, you won't even have the saddle or knee pads providing you with extra help.

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Ophena has received over 1500 five-star reviews. Numerous riders have said their balance and confidence have improved, and they have experienced many other benefits after using Ophena safety stirrups. 

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