How to clean your tack - best tips!

Riding our horses can be messy: we ride in the rain and mud, snow and sleet, rain or shine. Of course, our tack tends to get dirty, and it needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure that the leather stays soft and in good condition. Your tack should get cleaned at least a couple of times a week with water, soap and leather oil.

Here we'll look at the best tips for cleaning all your tack!

Water, soap and oil for leather

All your leather tack should be cleaned with water, glycerine soap, and oil. Start by cleaning your bridle, saddle, girth, martingales and other leather tack with water. Water takes the dirt off and leaves the leather nice and clean. Remember to dry the leather properly!

However, all leather should also be treated with leather soap after cleaning it with water. Water itself will make leather dry, so remember to apply a nice layer of soap on your leather tack. Finish off with a layer of leather oil to make your tack shine!

Clean your safety stirrups

Don't forget your stirrups! Your safety stirrups should be cleaned as well, so dirt doesn't build up on the surface. Clean the tread with a soft brush. Then grab some warm water, a sponge and potentially some mild soap and get cleaning! 

If you have our magnetic safety stirrups or our stirrups Ophena A, and you have questions about how to remove dirt from the treads, you can take a look at our cleaning kit, which includes a brush with a bamboo handle and sisal bristles. In addition, our kit includes a microfibre towel with which you can clean the metal parts of the stirrups.

Clean your horse's boots

Your horse's boots and wrappers can generally be washed in a washing machine and be left to air dry. Alternatively, you can hand wash the boots and wrappers at home. Make sure that the boots dry properly before using them again.

Clean your brushes

Brushes need cleaning, too! At least a couple times a year, you should leave your brushes soaking in warm soapy water overnight. Rinse the brushes off properly and leave them to air dry in a warm space.


Take time to clean your tack properly to ensure that your tack lasts and lives a long and happy life.