How to choose a saddle pad for your horse?

Using a saddle pad is a must for all equestrians. The purpose of the saddle pad is to protect the horse's skin from unnecessary pressure, rash, scratches, and discomfort. Even if you have a saddle that has been custom-made for your horse and it fits perfectly, using a good saddle pad is only going to make your horse more comfortable. 

After all, horses sweat underneath their tack when you are riding them. The sweat against their bare skin would, over time, cause itching and burning. A good pad will protect the horse's skin and absorb sweat. 

Ophena saddle pad

So, how should you choose a saddle pad for your horse?

The correct shape

There are different types of saddles for each discipline. For instance, a dressage saddle has a longer wing and it hugs around the horse, whereas a showjumping saddle has a shorter wing and it is lighter compared to a dressage saddle. The shape of the saddle determines what kind of saddle pad you should get. 

When buying a saddle pad, online or otherwise, choose the correct shape first. After all, a dressage pad is not going to fit a showjumping saddle or vice versa.

The correct size

After choosing the correct shape for your saddle pad, ensure that the size is correct. For a big horse, you would want to choose a horse-sized pad. On the other hand, if you have a small horse or a big pony, a cob-size will suffice. For small ponies, you should choose pony-size.

Pay attention to the material

Just like with everything else, when buying a saddle pad, you get what you pay for. The materials that saddle pads are made of can vary a lot. Usually, you will find a mixture of textiles. You want to make sure that the pad absorbs sweat while having good durability and breathability. 

If the saddle pad does not let your horse's skin breathe, it can result in skin rashes and bumps on the horse's back later on.

The thickness of the material should also be taken into consideration. Generally, the thicker and softer the material, the nicer it is for your horse's back.

Invest in quality

You can easily find saddle pads for a few bucks online. In fact, the price point can vary between $20 and $200 depending on the quality of the saddle pad. At the end of the day, when you invest in quality, you will have a good pad that will last longer. 

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