Get stylish Ophena saddle pads that match your safety stirrups

Ophena started out with one mission in mind: the idea was to create the safest possible safety stirrups that are modern and stylish at the same time. We came up with an idea for Ophena S and Ophena T. And we are proud to say that today, our magnetic safety stirrups are loved by both amateurs and professionals. 

Ophena saddle pad

Eventually, we started getting questions about saddle pads. And lo and behold - Ophena saddle pads are now available in our online store, too.

Style that matches your safety

When you look at Ophena S, you can immediately see that they are more than just magnetic safety stirrups. They are modern and stylish, and you will simply look forward to placing your foot in the stirrups and starting your ride. Of course, though you may see the style first, the stirrups are as safe as they come. The magnetic connection keeps your foot in place while riding, while the open side ensures that your foot will always be released from the stirrups in case of an accident.

Both amateurs and professionals rely on our magnetic safety stirrups at home and at shows. And now, you can match your saddle pad with your safety stirrups.

Saddle pads in three colors

As our magnetic safety stirrups are luxurious and modern, we wanted the same for our much-requested saddle pads. So, we designed a stylish, honey-comb pattern saddle pad. The pad is thick, soft, and detailed with a luxurious cord around the edge. In addition, there is our logo on the side of the saddle pad.

The Ophena Evolution saddle pads are available for dressage and showjumping, and they come in three colors: midnight blue, white, and black. Take a look at our saddle pads below:

Ordering your saddle pad

You can easily order your own Ophena Evolution saddle pads online. Take a look at our shop and first, choose the style and color of your new saddle pad. Next, don't forget to pick the correct size. Add your saddle pad (or saddle pads) to the cart and finish the checkout process.

Your new saddle pad will arrive in the mail as soon as possible. Also, if you do not yet have your own Ophena magnetic safety stirrups, you should take a look at Ophena S and Ophena T, and add them in the cart, too.

Why our customers love our saddle pads

Saddle pads are not only for your horse's benefit: they play a big part in your style as well. Our three clean colors make it easy to match your polo wraps or boots with our saddle pads. Also, blue, white, and black go with most colors beautifully, so you will have no trouble matching your own outfit with our pads, too.

But enough with the aesthetics - let's look at the practical part. Our saddle pads are made with high-quality material that is soft and comfortable on your horse's skin. Also, the saddle pad does not interfere with the saddle: in other words, your custom-fitted saddle will still fit your horse just as it should. The saddle pads stay in one place throughout your ride and will not slip or pull back.

If you have any questions about our safety stirrups or saddle pads, do not hesitate to contact us.