First European Medal in the 105-years-history of the Bulgarian Equestrian Sport. Won with Ophena.

A special moment for the Bulgaria: 14-year-old Aya Miteva has won the very first European junior championship medal in the 105-year history of Bulgarian equestrian sport. After five clear rounds and a clear jump-off, using the Ophena stirrups, she made it to individual bronze!

Petar, proud father of Aya says:

As a parent, safety has always been priority number one for me when making decisions for whatever equipment for my daughter.

Stirrups have been a particularly challenging part of the equipment since Aya is small and delicate for her age and lacks the weight needed to trigger the other safety stirrups in the market.

When we first saw Ophena Magnetic Safety Stirrups, it was like a dream come true – extraordinary design and highest level of security. This was the reason for me to pre-order this product, despite I was not familiar with it and there was not enough feedback for it in the network at that time.

The outstanding quality of the manufacturing of the product pleasantly surprised me when the stirrups arrived.

With her feet on the Ophena Magnetic Safety stirrups, Aya won the first European medal in the 105-years-history of the Bulgarian equestrian sport. This happened at the European Championship in Zuidwolde in July this year, where she won a bronze medal. Five clear rounds and a clear jump-off – extraordinary performance where every detail counts.

Overall, Ophena Magnetic Safety stirrups are a great product with supreme execution and extraordinary design.

You can read more about the event here.