Equestrian holidays - best ways to celebrate the holidays with your horse

The holidays are here and many of us celebrate Christmas and other holidays in December. As equestrians, we often tend to include our four-legged friends (horses and other barn animals alike) in our festivities. Going to the barn and spending some time with horses is even a holiday routine for many.

Equestrian holidays

This time, we will look at some of the best ways to celebrate the holidays with your horse(s) and other animals. 

The best ways to celebrate the holidays with your horse

What are holidays without horses? Of course, going to the barn is a must, even for a few hours before Christmas dinner or other festivities. Many equestrians do fun stuff with their horses and spend time with their friends at the barn. Here, we will look at some fun things you can do at the barn for the holidays.

Holiday photos with your horse

Taking holiday photos with your horse can be a lot of fun. You can hire a professional photographer or you and your friends can take photos of each other's horses. Simply brushing and cleaning your horse, and of course, decorating them for the holiday spirit with glitter and ribbons is part of the fun.

Make horsey treats for your horse

While buying horse treats from a store is a good choice, especially should you want to support your local tack store, making treats can be fun, too. There are many wonderful recipes on Pinterest and elsewhere online. Just make sure to use ingredients that are safe for your horse.

These include, for instance:

  • Peppermint
  • Molasses
  • Sugar
  • Carrots and apples

Secret Santa

Exchanging gifts around Christmas can be wonderful. Simply come up with a group of people and buy each other presents. The presents should be something everyone can use and agreeing on a spending limit is also wise. 

Pamper yourself with a present

Buying yourself or your horse a Christmas present is a good way to pamper yourself. For instance, Ophena's safety stirrups or the Evolution saddle pad will make a fantastic present for every equestrian. You will give yourself a gift of safety and luxury.

Holiday and New Years party at the barn

Spending some time with your friends, sitting down and sipping glögg (a Nordic, spiced holiday drink), eggnog, or tea can be relaxing. Each of you can, for instance, bring a treat to the barn, such as gingerbread cookies. Stay warm!

Happy Holidays to everyone from Ophena!