Best stirrups for trail riding

Trail riding is a wonderful way to relax, no matter what your main discipline is. It gives both a rider and their horse a chance to take it easy, enjoy nature, and to get away from normal training. However, riding outside of the riding arena or riding ring is riskier, as there are more stimuli for the horses and they can get scared. This is why safety gear, such as good safety stirrups are vital when riding on trails.

Why should I do trail riding?

Riding out in the woods, the beach, or the fields is not only good for the horse’s mind, but also their physical training. An uneven ground, and up and downhill riding helps the horse to improve their balance and focus. In fact, many competitive riders do hill training with their horses regularly, as it helps them to build strength.

Best stirrups for trail riding

Anyone can do trail riding, and it is, in fact, recommended every now and then. Horses that constantly train the same way in the arena oftentimes get bored. This can result in unwilling horses that come up with bad habits. Thus, letting your horse enjoy nature without the pressure of constantly performing can be beneficial.

Remember the safety measures even out on the trail

No matter how fun trail riding is, it is important to keep proper safety measures in mind. After all, trail riding is riskier than riding out in the arena. You might encounter wildlife, cars, or other “scary” things. Especially horses that are not used to trails can get spooked easily. As a rider, you want to ensure your (and your horse’s) safety at all times.

To do so, one of the most important things is to make sure your tack is safe. You should always wear a helmet and have safety stirrups. In addition, a safety vest is recommended.

The best stirrups for trails

The best stirrups for trails are safety stirrups. In case of an accident, your foot will release and you will not be dragged behind your horse. For instance, you can try out quick-release stirrups, magnetic safety stirrups, or others. Also, if you take long trail rides, you might want to take a look at stirrups that are light and comfortable.

Take a look at our Ophena S and Ophena T magnetic safety stirrups: they might be an excellent option for trail riding. As you can see from the photo below, the stirrups have an open side, a foot stopped, and a magnetic connection. Your foot will always stay in the correct spot, and in case of an accident, your foot will be quickly released.

Get your stirrups today

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