Useful advice for safe trail riding (including magnetic safety stirrups)

Trail riding is a wonderful way for the horse and the rider to relax and destress. Even show horses and horses in active training need easier days, and trail riding provides an excellent way to get your horse into a different environment. However, before heading out to the trails, you should remember a few essential safe riding tips, including magnetic safety stirrups.

Benefits of trail riding for horses and riders

Trail riding can have many benefits for both the horse and the rider. While working in the ring is fun and essential for the horse's progress as well as the rider's, taking a day here and there to step out onto the trails can make a big difference.

Benefits for the horse

Most horses enjoy trail rides as they get to step out of their normal environment. This is beneficial for the horse's mental well-being and allows them to relax and enjoy working with the rider in a more stress-free environment.

Additionally, taking your horse into a different environment that can present surprising situations, such as wildlife, can help your horse to mentally prepare to different situations and thus learn to remain calm no matter what. For instance, show horses are often taken to environments that are new and even a bit scary: trail riding in new environments can help the horse to process new environments better.

Also, horses benefit from the different footing trail riding provides. In fact, any professionals recommend taking your horses to trails and woods to teach them to watch their step and to stay in balance even on uneven ground.

Benefits for the rider

Riders can also benefit from a stress-free ride in the woods every now and then. Not only is trail riding fun (at least for most people), it can also help you to bond with your horse and to get to know them better.

As the horse is in a new and unpredictable environment, you as a rider will have to be alert and to know how to control your horse in an open space without fences or walls restricting you.

Learning to control your horse in new and surprising situations can have a huge benefit in a long run. For instance, riders that go to shows are constantly in a new environment with their horses and will need to know how the horse reacts when they are not surrounded by safe fencing.

Remember safety stirrups and other safety tips before heading out

While trail riding can have many benefits, you also need to remember to stay safe when heading out to the trails. Trail riding is fun and allows for a nice relaxing walk or a chance to let your horse get out some steam, but you have to be careful and take some safety measures.

Don't go alone

Even if your horse is super safe and you would trust them with your life, you shouldn't go out on the trails alone. Anything can happen and you should always take a friend with you. Usually, horses are calmer in a new environment when they have a friend as well.

Alternatively, you can let a friend know where you are going and how soon you are planning to come back.

Take your phone - but don't be on it

Having a phone with you is essential as a safety measure, so in case something happens, you can call for help. However, you should stay out of your phone while you're riding to prevent accidents.

Remember magnetic safety stirrups

You should always use safety stirrups but this is especially important when you are riding on trails and in an environment where accidents are more likely. The purpose of safety stirrups is to release your foot easily in case of an accident and to decrease the risk of a serious injury.

For instance, our magnetic safety stirrups have an open design, a magnetic connection, and excellent grip that help you to stay safe.

Helmet is always necessary

Whether you ride in the ring or on the trails, you should always wear a helmet. Get a good helmet that fits you well and that you like.

Remember to dress properly

Remember to dress according to the weather. If it is raining, wear a rain coat and a warm jacket. If you are riding in the cold, remember to layer up and put a hat underneath your helmet. You will have a much more enjoyable riding experience!

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