Stirrups for showjumping shows

Quels types d'étriers de sécurité sont recommandés lors des concours de saut d'obstacles?

Showjumping is an adrenaline-packed sport that is loved by many. Horses love jumping, and so do riders. It is fun and requires a ton of skill from riders and scope from horses. Attending a showjumping show is a wonderful way to test your skills and bring some challenge to your training.

Are safety stirrups good?

Despite the fact that showjumping is super fun, it is a lot riskier than dressage, for instance. There is a greater risk of falling off, the horse tripping over the poles, or refusing the jump. Quick movements and high-speed can cause accidents easily, which is why you have to have excellent safety gear.

Safety stirrups for showjumping shows

In addition to a helmet and safety vest, you will also need safety stirrups. The right kind of stirrups ensure that you will not get stuck in your stirrups in case of a fall. In fact, at showjumping shows, it is recommended to have safety stirrups and the rules allow multiple different types of stirrups.

In showjumping shows, eventing shows, and hunter shows, safety goes above everything else. This is why the rules when it comes to tack are a bit more relaxed, as opposed to dressage shows.

For instance, the following kinds of stirrups are allowed at showjumping shows:

  • Breakaway stirrups
  • Magnetic safety stirrups
  • Peacock stirrups
  • Covered toe stirrups

Si vous n'êtes pas sûr des étriers autorisés pour votre compétition, consultez , les règles de votre fédération équestre ou celles de la FEI.

Comment choisir les meilleurs étriers pour le  saut d'obstacles?

Les sauteurs doivent penser à la sécurité des étriers, ainsi qu'à leur aspect pratique. Par exemple, les étriers de sécurité magnétiques (tels que nos Ophena S et Ophena T) sont excellents pour les spectacles de saut d'obstacles. Ils fournissent une connexion magnétique entre les étriers et votre pied, garantissant que vous ne perdrez pas votre étrier pendant la course.

En outre, ils disposent d'un côté ouvert et d'un cale-pied, qui garantissent que votre pied sera libéré en cas de chute. Vous pouvez voir la photo ci-dessous pour référence.

Stirrups for showjumping shows

Bien évidemment, nous aimons nos étriers Ophena (et nos clients les adorent!). Ils ne sont pas les seuls étriers de sécurité sur le marché (bien qu'ils soient peut-être les plus beaux). Vous pouvez également jeter un œil aux étriers détachables et aux étriers Freejump, qui ont gagné en popularité parmi les sauteurs d'obstacles.

Lorsque vous souhaiter acheter des étriers appropriés pour le saut d'obstacles, il faut considérer les éléments suivants:

  • Le système de sécurité
  • Le poids
  • Le matériel
  • Les avis des clients
  • Le prix

The safety system should be bulletproof: there should be absolutely no room for failing. Also, the weight of the stirrups is important: some riders prefer lighter stirrups, some heavier. The good thing about heavier stirrups is that they are easier to get back on in case you lose the stirrup during your ride.

The material matters in terms of weight and durability. Though light stirrups might be nice, they are often made of plastic, which can break easily - at least in the long run. In addition, you should take a look at customer reviews for the particular stirrup: it can give you a good idea of what to expect.

Last but not least, pricing is also a factor for many. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for - take into account all the factors and features that are important to you and plan a budget that works for you. However, sometimes it is better to invest in good tack from the jump: it will last longer.

Frequently asked questions

Can Ophena stirrups be worn at showjumping shows?

You should check this with your equestrian federation. However, if you are attending FEI shows, the answer is yes.

Why should showjumpers have safety stirrups?

Showjumping is a risky sport and frankly, you never know what will happen. Sometimes, everything can go right, and yet and still an accident happens. Safety stirrups are one of the best ways to minimize any serious incidents.

What are the best stirrups for showjumping?

Any kind of reliable safety stirrups that release your foot in case of an accident are an excellent choice. Read some reviews and compare stirrups before buying your own.