The best ways to keep your horse cool during the hot summer days

Summer is here and we all enjoy the sun and warm weather. However, when riding in the heat, we as well as our horses can get a bit too hot and sweaty. We as riders can always step into a cool office or enjoy the AC in the car, but our horses need a way to cool down too.

After riding, you should ensure that your horse is cool and that his body temperature drops. If cooling down isn’t done properly, your horse can suffer from colic or even get a heart attack. In this article, we’ll look at the best and most effective ways to cool down your horse after training.

Walk before taking your horse in the stall

After you’re done training, cooling down by walking is more important than ever. You should give your horse a chance to walk at least 5-10 minutes with long rein and let him steady his breathing.

The best cool down for your horse would be to do a short trail ride in the shade, such as woods.

Water is your best friend

When you’ve walked your horse, give him a nice bath with cool water. However, make sure that the water is not too cold at first: a blast of cold water after sweating can cause your horse to get a heart attack. Start by cooling down your horse’s legs and move up his body.

If your horse is super sweaty or hot, you can spray him down with cool water for a good 10-15 minutes. Don’t stop to scrape off the excess water – this only takes away time you could be spraying more water on him. After you’re done cooling him down with water, scrape the water off then and give him a chance to dry by walking him or letting him stand in the cool stable.

Also, remember to give your horse plenty of water at all times. You shouldn’t let horses drink water immediately after training, but rather after you’ve cooled him down.

Cooling wraps for legs

Horses’ legs get very warm during training especially when they are wrapped with polos or boots. Cooling your horse’s legs down after training is also very important. You can do it by spraying them down with cold water for about 5-10 minutes, or you can use cooling wraps.

Don’t put your horse to turnout when it’s very hot outside

Horses like being outside for sure, but when the weather is very hot and humid, horses don’t enjoy it any more than we do. It’s better to put your horses to turnout early in the morning or late in the evening.


Cooling down and keeping hydrated is very important during the summer months. Not only for us humans but for our four-legged friends as well. Take care of your horses and yourself! Also, remember to check out our magnetic safety stirrups – they have gotten fantastic reviews.

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