Magnetic safety stirrup Ophena T in Gold
Magnetic safety stirrup Ophena T in Gold
Magnetic safety stirrup Ophena T in Gold
Magnetic safety stirrup Ophena T in Gold
Magnetic safety stirrups at Ophena
Magnetic safety stirrups at Ophena
Magnetic safety stirrup Ophena T in Gold

Ophena T

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  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Black

This magnetic safety stirrup has a unique open design, which ensures that you cannot get caught. It features an advanced magnetic system, providing grip and stability during the ride. It comes with Smart Attach™, allowing you to attach and detach Ophena quicker than ever before.

Ophena T is made from titanium commonly used within the aerospace industry, has a fully enclosed body and comes in three striking colours – guaranteeing true exclusivity.

All our magnetic stirrups come together with our unique magnetic insoles, making the setup easy and quick. The strength of the magnetic system is carefully designed to let you get off easily at any time, leading to unprecedented safety and performance.

Included: 2 stirrups & 2 magnetic insoles
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Delivery time: May 2019

Product Description

Ophena T is unique; both in its appearance and in its functional spectrum. Here are the most essential functions:

  • Magnetic System: Ophena T integrates a perfectly adjusted to give you perfect grip and control in any weather, while guaranteeing absolute safety. It supports your feet, decreases the risk of loosing the stirrups and gives you the extra bit of confidence for your riding performance.
  • Open Design: The magnetic system allows us to do something spectacular: Open the stirrup in order to effectively minimise the risk of getting caught. To achieve this design, we use strong materials and produce Ophena in one piece.
  • Smart Attach™️: Our patent-pending technology allows you to attach and detach Ophena T like no other stirrup. There is no need to remove the stirrup leather from the saddle, which not only saves time, but also preservers both saddle and stirrup leather.
  • Magnetic Insole: Our magnetic insole enables the magnetic connection between your riding boots and stirrups. The setup is easy and quick. One pair of insoles comes with every pair of Ophena T; more insoles can be purchased additionally here.

Please find these and more features in the overview below:

Please note: This picture shows the features of Ophena S. Ophena T has all those features as well.


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Watch this short video showing the basics of Ophena’s Magnetic System, Smart Attach™ and more.

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