Magnetic safety stirrup Ophena S
Magnetic insoles
Magnetic safety stirrup Ophena S
Magnetic safety stirrup Ophena S
Magnetic safety stirrups
Magnetic safety stirrups at Ophena
Magnetic safety stirrups at Ophena
Magnetic safety stirrup Ophena S

Ophena S


The Magnetic Safety Stirrup™ with a unique open design, advanced magnetic system and Smart Attach™. Built for unprecedented safety, grip and performance.

60 days money-back-guarantee
Free EU shipping and returns
Including magnetic insoles
Exclusively available online

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Delivery time: 2-4 weeks

Delivery time: 2-4 weeks

Maximum Safety

Ophena S has been developed for highest safety. Its open design ensures that your feet cannot get caught. And the magnetic system releases you safely in case of a fall. This technology is deemed much safer than break-away mechanisms, which can fail in certain situations.

Better Grip and Control

These stirrups come together with magnetic insoles. They generate a magnetic connection between the stirrups and your boots. This magnetic connection provides you with better grip and control in any weather.

Lower Risk of Losing Your Stirrups

Despite the open design, losing your stirrups just got less likely. The magnetic system will keep your feet in place.

Riding Performance

If you want to take your riding to the next level, these stirrups are for you. The magnetic grip will improve your control, leg position and confidence, so you can take the next step. Developed for Showjumping, used by riders across all disciplines.

Quicker Attachment

With our patented Smart Attach™️ technology, you will safe plenty of time attaching and detaching stirrups to the saddle. You will not need to remove the stirrup leathers from the saddle any longer. Instead, you can lead the stirrup leather’s metal buckle through the stirrup’s double-arm. This will save you time and preserve your stirrup leathers. The best part: The Ophena stirrups can still be run up and attached at the top of the saddle when not in use.. You can learn more about the technology here.

Plug and Play

It’s ready out of the box. Just put the magnetic insoles (included) in your boots and you are ready to ride. Additional insoles can be purchased separately.

FEI Showjumping Approved

These stirrups rule compliant for FEI Showjumping, British Showjumping, USEF/USHJA Showjumping and more. For further details please refer here.

60 Days Money-Back Guarantee

We believe in our products. That’s why all our magnetic stirrups come with a 60 days Test-and-Try Money-Back Guarantee. So you can test the product in your own environment. Should you not be satisfied, just get in touch and we’ll send you a return label and refund the full purchase price. Guaranteed.



Ophena S magnetic safety stirrups

Smart Attach™️

Patent-pending architecture, allows to attach and detach the stirrup without removing the stirrup leather from the saddle.

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Open Design

Makes sure riders cannot get caught.

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Outer Support

Additional support and safety.

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Tilted Tread

4° tilt for even better foot support.

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Deep centre of gravity for a good balance.

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Glass fibre reinforced plastic, matching Ophena’s epic style.

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Magnetic System

Perfect grip and control in any weather.

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Sleek one-piece stainless steel body for superior look, durability and strength.

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