Prevent injuries: Help your horse recover after daily work

Horses are athletes and thus it is very important to treat them as such. Human athletes are able to speak their concerns and get proper post-workout treatment and care for their injuries. However, horses cannot do the same and we have to be able to care for them in a proper manner and do our best to prevent injuries.

There are many things you can do to help your horse to recover after training or an injury. Many of these treatments can even be used as a preventative method.

Taking precautions in recovery and injury prevention is just as important as taking care of your safety. Just like a helmet and magnetic safety stirrups, these treatments can prevent an injury and an accident.

Massage is good for muscles

If you have ever gotten a massage yourself, you know how much it can help to relieve tension, open knots and relax your muscles. Massage is also an excellent way to aid in your horse’s recovery. You can call up an equine masseuse and have them treat your horse every week! Okay, maybe not that often, but even once a month helps your horse to feel better.

PEMF aids in injury recovery and everything else

PEMF is short for Pulsing Electromagnetic Field therapy. Many top level riders use PEMF to make their horses more supple and relaxed. It can also help heal injuries up to 70% faster! A PEMF machine works in a very simple manner: the electromagnetic field provides more oxygen into the blood cells, thus increasing the amount of healthy red blood cells.

This treatment can be done every day, but many choose to treat their horses once a week or right before a competition.

Chiropractors can help with back pain

Chiropractors can help human athletes as well as horses to feel better. By adjusting your spine, a good chiropractor can relieve back pain and adjust your posture. Getting a chiropractic treatment on your horse works best when combined with a massage.

Cold therapy for legs

Cooling your horse’s legs off after a training session can reduce inflammation, heat and swelling. Whether you can see it or not, horses can get inflammation in their legs after a hard training session. Especially showjumpers should always have their legs cooled off after jumping.

Cold therapy is one of the easiest treatments for ligament and tendon injuries as well. Veterinarians can recommend horses get cold therapy treatment 24 to 72 hours after an injury.

This treatment can also be combined with heat therapy: cool your horses legs off with 10-20 minutes of cold water (or cooling boots) and wrap legs with polo wraps afterwards and leave them overnight. Remember a thick liner!


If you own a horse who trains hard, you should make sure to take care of his recovery and injury prevention in the best possible way. A massage, PEMF session, chiropractic session and cold therapy can be very beneficial for your horse every now and again.

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