Flies around horses can be a real bother – get rid of them with these tips!

Summer time is a fantastic time to ride outdoors. The sun is shining, it is warm, no need for layers upon layers of clothes… but there are flies. And usually, so many of them. Sooner or later in the summer, all of us have to deal with the flies that mess up otherwise a very nice ride.

But how can you get rid of them?

Fly spray before a ride

Where there are horses, there are flies. And when you are riding and training, the flies can really bother your horse. One of the most effective ways is to find a fly spray that works for your horse. Not all fly sprays are equal, so you should find one that is the best for you and your horse.

Spray your horse with the fly spray all over, but especially their legs, neck and under the stomach. If you wish to put fly spray also on their face, you should first spray it on a towel and then wipe your horse’s face, avoiding the eyes.

Garlic can help

Garlic is a natural remedy for getting rid of flies around your horse. When you feed garlic powder for your horse, the smell of garlic will go through your horse’s skin and thus repel flies.

You can easily find garlic powder at any equine feed store. Feed it according to directions, preferably in the morning time. Another good plus of garlic is that it is great for your horse’s stomach.

Fly blankets are great for turnout

Fly nets and blankets are a great option for your horse when they go to turnout. They keep the flies off your horse’s skin. The best kind of blanket is the kind that has a stomach flap, so your horse’s stomach area is also protected from flies.

If your horse is really bothered by flies when you are riding, you can always put a fly hood over their head when riding. This may help especially if the flies buzz around your horse’s face.

Let your horse be dirty!

Did you know that dirt and mud are natural ways for horses to protect their skin from flies? So, after a ride, give your horse a nice wash with cool water and let them roll around (if you don’t have to show the next day). This may help your horse to feel better and get rid of all the flies around him.


Horses and flies go together in the summer time, that’s a fact that you cannot escape no matter where you are. Unfortunately, horses don’t generally appreciate the company of flies, and you probably don’t either.

Try these tips mentioned above and maybe your horse and you will have a bit easier time this summer! Also, don’t forget to get your new safety stirrups!

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