Magnetische Erfindungen in der Welt des Pferdesports – hast Du diese schon gesehen?

Magnetic therapies have been used for years to improve the health and well-being of humans as well as horses. The magnetic field that is generated by magnets in a magnetic blanket, for instance, relaxes the capillary walls and surrounding muscle and soft tissue. Magnetic therapy will thus result in improved oxygen and blood flow and this will help to promote healing as well as make the recovery process faster.

Magnets are used in multiple equestrian inventions to improve performance, and in this article, we’ll take a peek of some of the most innovative ones.

Magnetic blanket

Magnetic blankets look just like regular coolers, but they have small magnets sewn into the blanket. The presence of magnets is said to improve blood flow on horses and help with recovery. Many riders put the magnetic blankets on horses before a ride as well as after.

However, there are differences between magnetic blankets as well as magnets sown into them. So should you consider buying one, purchase the blanket from a reputable company.

Magnetic boots

Magnetic boots are great for horses with arthritis, joint problems, splints, bone chips or other problems. Magnetic stable boots can be left on your horse’s legs overnight and the horse will experience the benefits of magnets while relaxing in the stall.

Sometimes, you can even find magnetic boots that are meant for riding. However, these may not be as practical as you only generally ride for 1 hour or less at a time.

Magnetic poll band and browband

Magnetic poll bands are excellent for horses who have tension in the poll area. It is also said, that magnetic poll bands can help to reduce stress on nervous or anxious horses. It can be attached to a halter as well as a bridle.

Also, magnetic browbands are available for horses. It can have similar benefits as magnetic poll bands, if used consistently and for long periods of time.

What else are magnets used for?

Magnets can be used in a for of therapy, such as PEMF, which can benefit your horse in many ways. For instance, your horse can become more supple and more relaxed, and injuries can recover up to 70% faster.

Also, magnets can be used in other tack, such as riding helmets or stirrups. In fact, magnetic safety stirrups have become very popular safety gear. The magnets in the stirrups help you to keep your foot on the right place while allowing easy release in case of an accident.


The use of magnets in the horse industry is not a new invention – on the contrary. Magnetic blankets and boots have existed for quite a while, and for a very good reason. Magnets are easy, safe and they have many benefits in well-being as well as safety.

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