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Do I need special riding boots?
No, absolutely not. Ophena comes with magnetic insoles, which you simply slide into your riding boots. Quick and easy. Got several shoes? No worries, you can order another pair of insoles.
I already have insoles in my riding boots. Can I use them with your insoles?
That is generally possible and we know riders who do just that. But it might get a bit tight in your boots. We recommend that you replace your insoles with Ophena insoles or experiment with putting them below or above your insoles.
What advantages does the magnetic connection provide?
The magnetic connection delivers an experience that is indeed hard to describe. Technically, it makes the stirrup follow your boots when you move them up. So you do not need to worry about having a permanent force on your stirrups. They will stay in place. Riders often describe this feeling as “soft” and “relaxing” because they can relax their legs and feet a bit. This relaxation and flexibility protects your joints, particularly your knees, from micro-impacts that constantly happen during riding.

Also, the magnet makes sure to remind you where to place your feet and helps you keep them in this perfect position.

A bonus is that this grip remains even when your boots are dirty or wet.

How strong is the magnetic connection?
That depends on the thickness of the soles of your riding boots. The thinner the sole, the more powerful the magnet. We are planning on offering insoles with varying magnetic strength, so you can adapt it to your own needs.

Generally, you never need to worry to get caught in case you fall – the magnetic connection will always break in that case.

I'm afraid of falling out on the open side. Is that a risk?
No, our product has been tested by many riders and due to the magnetic connection the risk is really low. The upside of getting free easily is definitely higher than the risk of losing them that way. Should you lose them, you can easily get them back because they stay in the air very balanced.
How do i release my feet from the stirrup?
That depends on the strength of the magnetic setup, which is determined by a) the thickness of the soles of your riding boots, b) the insole you choose (we have several insoles with different magnetic strength.

In a rather weak configuration, it is enough to shake your feet a bit or tilt your feet to the side. In a rather strong configuration, you might need to shake your feet more heavily or alternatively reach down with your hands to get lose.

Are there any health risks with the magnets?
Nothing to worry about – neither for you, nor your horse. Magnetism in that strength are not dangerous. Some people actually claim a positive effect on your blood flow (google for “Magnetic Therapy”). However, both Ophena stirrups and the insoles come with a sophisticated magnetic configuration, which focuses the magnetic field to the area where it is need it, i.e. from your insole downwards and from the stirrup upwards.
Are the stirrups approved for competition?

So far, our products are approved by

  • FEI: Approved for Jumping and the Eventing jumping test
  • Swedish Equestrian Federation (Svenska Ridsportförbundet): Approved for all disciplines
  • German Equestrian Federation (Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinigung e. V. (FN): Approved for all disciplines


We are in the approval process with other organisations and disciplines. We will update the information here once we have their approval.

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