Ophena safety stirrups

Technology advances - and so do safety stirrups

You might remember that back in the day, a couple of decades ago, we didn't have magnetic safety stirrups. In fact, stirrups were pretty plain. Especially, if you go a little further back in time. There was even a time when no safety stirrups even existed. We have come a long way since then and technology advances constantly.

You might wonder why you should get the safety stirrups that are the newest, most modern technology today. After all, there are simple stirrups out there and back in the day, they didn't use magnetic safety stirrups or anything fancy. Well, let us tell you why.

Technology brings more security and safety

The fact is that riding horses is risky. Horses are wild animals that can get scared, and sometimes, you might not even be able to prepare for it. Sometimes, accidents happen, and falling off your horse is just inevitable. However, as technology advances, we are able to make riding safer.

Safety stirrups have come a long way. If we look at peacock stirrups, for instance, they have been around for decades. While they are great stirrups for kids, they are not meant for grown-ups because of their weight limit. However, there are some stirrups that have a mechanism that is designed to open when pressure is applied. Though they are excellent as well, anything that is designed to open, can get stuck.

Let us look at the Ophena safety stirrups. They feature an open side, which ensures that your foot simply cannot get stuck. And because of the excellent technological advancements of recent years, we were able to incorporate a magnet at the bottom of the stirrup. The magnet pulls towards the magnets of your magnetic insoles. This way, your foot always stays in the correct spot.

Ophena magnetic safety stirrups

Also, you will not have to worry about your foot slipping out of the stirrups, thanks to our foot stopper. It is small but effective. See for yourself.

Ophena safety stirrups
Foot stopper at the left edge.

Safety can be beautiful

Gone are the days of chin protectors in helmets, bulky safety vests, and rubber bands in stirrups. Who says that safety cannot be beautiful? When we designed our Ophena safety stirrups, we wanted to take into account safety and beautiful design. Small details make our shiny stirrups visually attractive, don't you think?

Ophena magnetic safety stirrups

You will simply love the way our stirrups look. And, you won't even have to choose the plain old silver color: if you are fancier in nature, choose Ophena T stirrups in gold.

Get safety stirrups online today

We order everything online nowadays: clothes, food, books, and yes - even equestrian tack. You can easily order our safety stirrups online. All you need to do is to choose which kind of stirrups you prefer, add them in your cart and finish the checkout.

All of our stirrups come with magnetic insoles and you will surely look forward to receiving your stirrups. Pssst - did you know that our safety stirrups have a 60-day money-back guarantee?