Should I get Ophena S or Ophena T magnetic safety stirrups?

Should I get Ophena S or Ophena T magnetic safety stirrups?

If you have already had a chance to browse our magnetic safety stirrups, you may have notices that we carry two different ones. At this point, you may be wondering which ones you should get. We have our most sold pair, Ophena S, and a beautiful Ophena T, that have both received glowing recommendations and reviews. These magnetic safety stirrups are designed with safety and class in mind. 

In this article, we will look at the differences between Ophena S and Ophena T. Ideally, you might get an idea of which product will suit you the best. 

Ophena S is our most popular product

Ophena S magnetic safety stirrups have gotten glowing recommendations on our reviews -page. Our Ophena S stirrups are available in silver, and they are priced at 319 euros per pair, including a pair of magnetic insoles. 

Ophena S features an open side, a foot stopper, a magnetic connection, and a beautiful design. We have not even forgotten the smallest details. The grip is excellent. In addition, the stirrups feature our own Smart Attach -system that makes attaching and detaching stirrups very easy. 

You can expect the following when purchasing Ophena S magnetic safety stirrups:

  • Works with your riding boots
  • Works with normal stirrup leathers
  • Perfect for training and competition alike
  • 4° tilted tread
  • Optimal foot position
  • Increased leg stability

And, that is not even all. 

  • FEI Showjumping approved
  • Durable, timeless design
  • Deep center of gravity
  • Grip in any weather
  • No risk of losing your stirrups
  • Made in Sweden

Ophena T magnetic safety stirrups made of titanium

Ophena T magnetic safety stirrups are made of titanium, which is mainly used in aerospace engineering. Also, Ophena T is available in three colors: gold, black, and silver. Ophena T features the same features as Ophena S, with a couple of small differences: the shape is a bit different, the stirrups are lighter, and the stirrups are covered with a full titanium body.

Ophena T magnetic safety stirrups

The Ophena T stirrups are priced at 799 euros and they, too, include magnetic insoles.

Which ones should I get?

Whichever pair you choose, you will surely get the safest possible experience. If you are looking for ultimate luxury, you should consider Ophena T magnetic safety stirrups. They are lighter than the Ophena S stirrups and feature three colors, which give your look the final touch. 

On the other hand, if you are simply looking for safety stirrups with a beautiful design and excellent functionality, you will surely be more than happy with Ophena S. Remember to check our FAQ section and reviews before purchase, if you have any questions. 

Also, we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

How can I order my stirrups online?

You can easily order your magnetic safety stirrups online through our site. Just pick the product you want, and choose the size of your magnetic insoles. Place the product in the cart and finish up the purchase. 

Your stirrups will be in your mailbox soon, and you will get to take advantage of our amazing safety stirrups