Safety stirrups for everyone

Safety stirrups for everyone - get yours!

Safety stirrups are essential, there is simply no way around it. Just as all responsible riders wear helmets for safety, all responsible riders should have good stirrups. Let's face it: riding horses is risky. You never know what might happen. In order to minimize all risks, we have to take proper precautions. Good stirrups are one of the most important things you can do for your safety.

Safety stirrups for everyone

Who uses safety stirrups?

The short answer to the topic is that everyone uses safety stirrups. Even the top riders of the world use them, as they know that when it comes to horses, there are risks. No matter your level, if you are a professional or a beginner, you can always fall off.

In the event of a fall, your helmet protects your head. Your safety vest or Hit-Air vest, for instance, protects your spine and rib cage. But none of that matters, if you get caught in your stirrups.

Safety stirrups ensure that you will have as clean of a fall as possible. The purpose of safe stirrups is to release your foot from the stirrup as fast as possible. This way, you will fall onto the ground and will not be dragged behind your horse.

Kids should have safe stirrups, too

Kids should have their own safe stirrups, too, when they mount their ponies or horses. For instance, peacock stirrups or breakaway stirrups are an excellent way to start. In fact, peacock stirrups are made with kids in mind, and they are available in smaller sizes as well.

Can dressage riders have safety stirrups?

Showjumpers and eventers pay special attention to safety, as these sports are more speedy and risky. Even if you as a rider do everything right, your horse might trip and fall. And when you have a lot of speed, it can cause bad accidents.

However, dressage riders should not forget safety, either. Though dressage riders are not allowed to use magnetic safety stirrups at shows, you can still have breakaway stirrups of a sort. And, even if shows will not allow you to have magnetic stirrups, you should still consider using them at home. After all, you ride at home more than at shows.

Where can I buy safety stirrups?

You can get your own stirrups either online or at a local store. All you need to do is some research to ensure you buy the right kind of stirrups. For instance, our magnetic safety stirrups can be bought online and you will have a 60-day money-back guarantee. This way, we ensure that you are always 100% happy with your purchase.

If you don't wish to order safety stirrups online, you can always visit your local store and see what they can offer. However, remember to do research and save the receipt in case you need to (or you want to) return them.

Stay safe

No matter what kind of safety stirrups you get, make sure they are high-quality. After all, your safety is the most important thing of all.