New stirrups for the show season - buy stirrups online

New stirrups for the show season - buy stirrups online

When the show season takes over, many riders sign up for shows to test their skills and to bring more variety to their training. Going to horse shows is fun, and it gives a chance for riders to challenge themselves - and maybe even come home with a price! As you go to shows, you want to ensure that you and your horse look your best. Another important factor is the safety aspect: all your tack should be checked and as safe as possible. For instance, many riders buy stirrups online for the new show season.

Buy stirrups online

In this article, we will look at how you can buy stirrups online and look your best for the show season.

Compare stirrups and decide what you need

When you buy stirrups online for the show season, you should think about whether you want your new stirrups to be only for shows, or for everyday use as well. In fact, some riders have stirrups for shows and stirrups for regular riding at home.

This gives you a chance to get creative with your stirrups, too. For instance, some stirrups come in fantastic colors that might match your show colors. However, before you buy stirrups online, you should think about what it is you look for in your stirrups and what you need.

First things first: before you get to the fancy stuff, you should consider the safety aspect of the stirrups. At shows, you are tenser, and so is your horse. You are in new surroundings and you never know what will happen. So, at shows (more so than anywhere else), you should ensure your and your horse’s safety.

Getting safety stirrups to use at shows is a must for every equestrian. No matter the kind of safety stirrups you get, you should always ensure that they have a good release mechanism.

For instance, Ophena S and Ophena T have an open side, a foot stopper, and (most importantly) a magnetic connection between your boot and the stirrup. This ensures the safest possible ride, and best of all, should you fall off, your foot will not get stuck.

Before making a decision, take some time to compare safety stirrups. Think about what is best for your needs and then buy stirrups online or at a local tack store.’

How to buy stirrups online

Buying stirrups online is easy. After you have found your preferred stirrups, add them in your cart and finish the purchase. You will receive your stirrups soon.

If you choose to buy Ophena S or Ophena T stirrups, you will have to do the following:

  1. Choose the type of stirrups you want
  2. Choose the size of your foot (for the magnetic insoles)
  3. Add the stirrups in the cart
  4. Finish the purchase

One of the best things about our stirrups is that you have a 60-day money-back guarantee. So, you will get a chance to take a look at your stirrups, before making your final decision. However, after you see our beautiful stirrups in person, you will surely fall in love with them!

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