How to keep your saddle pads in great condition - best tips!

How to keep your saddle pads in great condition - best tips!

It is every equestrian's responsibility to take care of their tack. Saddles, bridles, wraps, and saddle pads need to be washed and cleaned on a regular basis. Also, you need to make sure that all the tack is in good condition and that there is no wear and tear. Saddle pads are used during every ride, so they tend to get dirty fast. If your pads are high-quality and you take good care of them, you will not need to buy new ones constantly. 

In this article, we will look at how you can keep your saddle pads in excellent condition, so they last as long as possible.

Ophena saddle pads

Wash your saddle pads regularly

One of the most important things you can do is to wash your saddle pads regularly. It is not only important because of your horse's skin, but also, clean pads last longer and in better condition. However, when washing your pads, you should follow the washing instructions carefully. 

If not followed properly, you might end up damaging your saddle pads, or have the colors bleed, which will make your saddle pad look washed out and old. Note, that not all pads are to be washed the same way. Some you can wash with hot water and regular cycle, whereas some need to be washed with cool or warm water in a gentle cycle. 

For instance, our luxurious, branded Ophena saddle pad is to be washed in 30 degrees Celcius. This is a typical temperature for saddle pads. Also, the pads should usually not be tumble dried, but instead, hung to dry or stretch them out. 

Make sure they dry properly

Another important thing is that you should make sure that your saddle pads dry properly before storing them. If they are left damp, they can catch a bad smell when stored in areas where there is no ventilation: for instance, in a tack trunk. 

If you have a possibility to lay your saddle pas out in the sun, you can do so for quicker drying - just remember to turn it inside out, so the sun will not make the colors fade. 

Store neatly and in a dry place

Most equestrians have a bunch of saddle pads, so we can switch them out to match our wraps and riding gear. After you are done washing your pad, store it neatly in a dry place. Preferably somewhere, where the pad has no possibility to collect dust. Good places to store your pads are tack trunks, or if that is not a possibility, in a plastic bag on a shelf (you will not want mice and other rodents to get into the bag).

Have you seen our new luxury pad?

Ophena started out manufacturing magnetic safety stirrups. However, after we received many requests regarding our branded saddle pads we used in our photos, we also launched our branded showjumping saddle pad with a honeycomb design. It is available in midnight blue and matches perfectly with your Ophena stirrups.