A matching saddle pad will make you ready for horse shows

A matching saddle pad will make you ready for horse shows

When horse show season is upon us, many buy new tack to look their best at shows. In fact, many riders love to match their saddle pad, wraps, boots, pants, and jackets and get creative with it. Nowadays, you can easily find wonderful tack with gorgeous embellishments and details. 

In this article, we will look at how you can match your tack and other gear to look your best at horse shows.

Stylish saddle pad for horse shows

Decide your colors

Many riders have a color or two that they tend to stick with. For instance, choosing to use only black and blue colors can help you to choose matching outfits and tack for you and your horse. On the other hand, some riders prefer brighter colors, such as pink and purple. Or, maybe you are one of those riders who just wants to have multiple colors of everything, so you can mix and match?

Popular colors among riders are blue, black, pink, red, and brown. Those colors are easy to find in tack stores, and they are easy to match with your own riding gear, such as breeches and jackets. 

For instance, you can find a saddle pad in all these colors, and you can match boots and polo wraps with them.

What is your style?

Do you prefer matte colors, simple style, and earth-tone colors? Or are you more of a flashy person, who loves details, glitter, and embellishments? Whichever is your style, the good news is that you can find anything you need in your local tack store or online. 

For instance, our customers at Ophena love the luxurious look, which is why many of them purchase both our magnetic safety stirrups as well as our new branded saddle pad. They go super well together and create a clean, sleek, and modern look.

When you are looking to buy new tack for horse shows, think about what you want your style to represent.

Saddle pad, hood, boots, breeches...

The great thing about buying new tack and creating new looks is that you can really get creative. You can mix and match, buy everything in the same color and same style, and create a look of your own. You do not have to look like everyone else: get creative and enjoy it!

Have you seen our new saddle pad yet?

Recently, we at Ophena launched our own new saddle pad. It is midnight blue, luxurious honeycomb design, and made with the best materials. Also, you will see the beautiful Ophena -logo on the left. The saddle pad is lined with a cord that gives the pad a beautiful, finalized look. 

Our new saddle pad is a great choice for you if you are looking to create a luxurious style for you and your horse. Our saddle pad is also durable and soft: you and your horse will both love it!

Remember, that all of our products have a 60-day money-back guarantee. So, should you want to return your product for any reason, we are here to help.