7 Things that you should always have in your show bag - don't forget these!

7 Things that you should always have in your show bag - don't forget these!

Going to shows can be stressful, as there are many things to consider. You have to take into account loading time, driving time, tacking, warm up, checking in and so many other things. Also, horses don't always care about the schedule us humans create, which can create other bumps on the road.

Horse show: prepare properly
Prepare for a horse show properly.

However, we can make our own show experience easier and less stressful by preparing for the things that we can control. One of the best things you can do, is to prepare for grooming, tacking and little "oopsies."

A show-groom's (and rider's) ring bag

One of the best weapons against "oopsies" is packing the perfect ring bag. No matter if you're a show groom or take care of your horse yourself, there are a few very important things you should always pack with you.

1. Towel

So simple, yet so important. You can give your horse's legs and your riding boots and safety stirrups a quick wipe before entering the ring.

2. Hair spray

Hair spray gives the final touch for your hair and your horse's mane before starting your test or course.

3. Brushes

Brushes are an essential, of course. You can give your horse a good finishing brush and make sure there are no sawdust bits in the horse's tail.

4. Mane comb

Mane comb is important especially for hunters and showjumpers. Comb the mane quickly before entering the course.

5. Baby oil

Wiping a bit of baby oil on your horse's nose and around the eyes with your towel, you'll make your horse's eyes look bigger and prettier.

6. Extra numbers

The show numbers, that you attach on your horse's saddle pad or bridle, can easily get lost or break. Have some spare numbers with you.

7. Extra saddle pad

White saddle pads get dirty very easily. Have an extra one with you, just in case.


Prepare for shows the best way you can. There are things you can't control, like traffic, your horse's mood, but certain things are under your control. For instance, you can prepare for a dirty saddle pad, muddy legs or frizzy hair.