Magnetic Safety Stirrup Ophena S with its magnetic insole

The Magnetic Safety Stirrup™

Safety and performance.
Made extraordinary.

With 60 Days Money-back Guarantee
Rated 4.94/5

only available online

Magnetic insoles included. 
No special boots needed.

The Magnetic Safety Stirrup™

only available online

Magnetic Safety Stirrup Ophena S with its magnetic insole

Safety and performance.
Made extraordinary.

With 60 Days Money-back Guarantee
Rated 4.94/5

Magnetic insoles included. No special boots needed!

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Magnetic safety stirrups at Ophena

Open Design.
For Absolute Safety.

Getting caught in a stirrup can lead to dangerous accidents. Every aspect of Ophena – from its open design to the magnetic system to the footstopper – is designed to keep you safe. So you can leave risks aside and focus on the ride.

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Magnetic Insole.
Follows Your Every Move.

One of the main reasons for why professional riders love Ophena is the magnetic system. It makes the stirrups follow your feet, helps you keep the right foot position and gives additional grip in any weather. And should you fall, it lets you escape without any effort.

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Magnetic safety stirrups and insoles at Ophena
Magnetic safety stirrups at Ophena

Easy Attachment.
Saves Times and Nerves.

Ophena’s patent-pending double-arm architecture with Smart Attach™ locking mechanism allows you to attach and detach the stirrups quicker than ever before. No need to fully remove the stirrup leather from the saddle, saving time and preserving the leather.

How it works

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Two Versions. One DNA.

How Ophena Works


Certainly the most useful piece of equipment I've tried this year. They not only look fabulous, but also make me feel so much safer and in control. Didn't take me more than 10 minutes to completely fall in love with them.
Maj Svanqvist
Professional Show Jumper
I feel a really good connection to the stirrup, both during riding and jumping. Those stirrups definitely take riding to the next level.
Alexandra Eriksson
Professional Show Jumper and Coach
I was a bit sceptical, but convinced after a few minutes. Really love how they improve my balance, while still allowing me to adjust my feet.
Anna-Karin Hansson
Professional Dressage Rider and Coach

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They look awesome!
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Look at these! You put a magnet in your boots xxx
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OMG I want these
How cool are those here?!?
Must buy those
I love the idea of the magnetic system
Caty P.
Will be hard to make them safer and nicer 😍

This Makes Ophena Superior

Superior Connection

Experience the best ride with Ophena’s advanced magnetic system. The Ophena S and Ophena T have an invisibly integrated magnetic system and come with magnetic insoles, which you simply slide inside your riding boots. Ready within seconds and absolutely hassle-free, this magnetic connection helps you keep the right foot position, and gives you additional grip in any weather. You can relax your legs and ride with ease.

Open Safety

There are many so called safety stirrups out there, but their reliability is questionable. We simply know too many riders who were severely injured due to a fail of their stirrups’ safety mechanisms. We believe that a safety stirrup must never break, keep the rider’s feet stable and reliably release the foot when the rider falls. That was the starting point of our development and is the most integral part of Ophena.

Due to Ophena’s totally open design, there are no safety mechanisms that could fail. The magnetic connection is adjusted so that it helps during the ride, but releases in case of a fall.

Smart Attach™

Attaching and detaching stirrups just takes too long. With Smart Attach™ you don’t have to detach the whole stirrup leather. Instead, you can easily slide the metal buckle through opening in the arms. Suddenly mounting becomes easy and quick.


Due to its carefully adjusted weight and the 90 degree twisted mounting hole, Ophena remains in a perfectly stable position. It is very centralised and keeps you steady while riding and jumping.

Premium Quality

Ophena has been developed in a Swedish-German collaboration with the involvement of pro riders, coaches and industry experts. We designed and manufacture Ophena as one single metal body, making it strong and fascinating to look at.

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